Dressing Up As A Woman Relaxes Me

I have crosdressed off and on for years..i find it exhilarating putting on silk panties,bra and silky nylons..The enrgy from the hose makes me feel disfferent..I always crossdress in dresses..Whail I am nervous about doing it outside,I have decided to try it with a corset,breastforms and wig..I have at times shaved my legs and wore pantyhose under my male clothes..This is exciting as I am outside,but an not "discovered"..I only wear miniskirts or minidresses,usually silky form fitting ones...I enjoy doing housework in these clothes and sitting and acting like a lady..Whan I am stressed,this is almost like I temporarily step out of my life and into this woman's life..Am still nervous about being found out as I am married and love my family dearly
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Sep 25, 2012