Lisa54 Im A Crossdresser Have Been All My Life

My name is lisa54 Ive been a crossdresser all my life when I started wearing my sisters panties at 1/2 years old. As I got older my father built me a tree house to play in that was my hide away to be what I am I had all kinds of wemans clouths panties bras shorts a blouse that I stole from some females I knew. Any time I wanted to be alone by my self witch was all the time. Iwas in my home. I would dress up as a girl and play by my self. I dont want to get to grafic cause I dont know how far I can go but I had a lot of fun. Im stil a cd and I have my own clouthes I bought my self in time I wear anything a girl wears plus. Ilove lace ruffels, Ihave gartersbelts, body breafers, I like to dress up every time I can but when I go out I wear jeans and teashirt but I still wear panties and bras but wemans pants and shoes and a wig cause I have no hair.W hen it gets cold I wear winteralls . summers string bikinies. and bikini panties. I have cotten and nylon panties. That is some of my life.
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Nov 29, 2012