On Leave In L.a.

This happened on my 21st birthday. I had taken leave to celebrate the occasion by doing what I liked best, dressing as a woman. I had taken a room an uptown hotel near the bus terminal. During the day i had shopped around and bought a nice A-lined dress, some petticoats and a pretty pink and white laced full slip. I also picked up a matching bra and panty set (pinkish of course) garters and stockings. This took most of the day. Then I stopped at a nearby adult book store for some magazines on crossdressing and a couple of novels concerning crossdressing. By this time my **** was starting to strain to get out.

Going back to my room. I showered and changed from the dull male clothes to the pretty nice and sliky girly things. I put on evrything I had bought and laid down on the bed to look at one of the magazines when I heard a sound from the room next door. I noticed a hole in the wall and looked at the opposite wall and noticed a simular hole. Getting up I walked to the oppisite wall and looked through the hole to see into the other room. No one was there, it excited me a litlle thinking someone might be watching me. I laid back down and this time
I raised my petticoats and skirt up on my legs. I'd rubbed myself every so often grabbing a hand full of **** and balls. Finnaly I turned on my stomach ad raised my dress up to expose my male ***** hidden inside my panties. I groaned as if I was waiting for a hard **** to come and kiss it. I heard the noise again coimg fro the other room then ther was silence.

After a few minutes I heard a soft knock on my door. Walking over to it, I looked through
the peephole to see an older hansome man standing there. He must have been in his early fifties but very handsome. I opened the door a bit and he asked if he could come in.
He said that he had been watching me and asked if he could help me. I let him in and no sooner had I closed the door than I was in his arms. He kissed me deeply and softly,
all the while running his hands over my *****. We kissed for a long time then moved over to the bed where we sat. He took my hand and kissed it then he placed it on his hard ****.
Taking my face in his hands he softly said that he wanted to make love to me and that he wanted to **** my ***** and did I want him to? All I could do was nod my head yes and smile.

He laid me back on the bed and I moved over to make room for him my dress raising up to reveal my legs and a bit of panties. Moving into to kiss me he ran his hand up my thigh and massged my ****. I pulled him in closer sucking his tongue into my mouth and playing with it. We stopped to catch our breathe and I told him that I wanted to taste him before he ****** me. He had a long slim **** and I savored his precum then he turned me over, I told him there was some gel in the night stand. He lubed me up after he had raised my dress and petticoats. I was never ****** so lovingly as he took his time entering me and giving those sweet long strokes. We made arrangements for me to come and stay at his place the rest of my leave time. If only I had been born a girl!!! I so love to dress as a woman!!!!
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Jan 15, 2013