It doesn't get any easier. I'm especially hooked on nylons, whether tights or stockings. I just love the feeling of them against my skin, which for me is way confusing!! Only started out as a tight & stocking lover but seem to take it further or want to every time!!
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I my self like panty hose, I shave my legs told my wife that my Levi's rub my hair off,it does a little just keep your legs covered if she ask tell her you like it way better.

Curious to what you think is confusing. I tend to think I feel the se way but people here at ep have helped. Add me. Message me. Would love to hear what you have to say. Might help me as well

Don't over think your Dressing. Just have Fun and enjoy it. Your not hurting anyone, its Fun, and exciting.

Welcome to the club. Most of us here have been loving it since we were boys. You are hardly alone - many 'sisters' here!