I Love Guys That Dress Like Women

 i am a girl, so i really do enjoy dressing as a women, but seriously, cross dressing boys are so hot, I love guys in bright lipsticks and old school dresses, they drive me nuts. they way they try and walk in heels, and watching them try and put lipstick on  oh so carefully, HOT! 

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I would love to find a women like that I don't know how to go about it anyone

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i wish i could meet a wonderful lady like you
Sandra sissy xx

Oh how I wish I knew you!
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A woman who likes cross dressers is very special. I really like the fifties style dresses with the flowing skirts and empire waists that highlight the bust line. It feels so sexy to wear breast forms. I can see how it makes a women feel so powerful. And the silk/nylon panties bras and slips are so feminine. WOW...

I wish you were in anchorage Alaska you sound like someone I have been looking for

she put me on a diet-5'7" 139# and size 8 jeans-she gave my male clothes to Goodwill--hair is blond growing longer-panties and bra everyday. proud to be a fem sissy. we now shop as 2 females. nails are polished--she says no woman would want me now. but after hormones I do not want a woman. after 2 years cute breast

I Wish I Could Find A Woman That Didnt Mind If Her Man Was In Womens Cloths Cause I Really Hate Hiding It I Just Want To Be Able To Dress In What Ever I Want When Ever I want

You can't be serious! I thought I was alone. I love femininity and glamor! My style makes me looks like I am a 1950's glamor doll (sometimes a Victorian doll if I'm in a darker mood) and I wish there was a guy that loved dressing the same way and is totally into me. I have friends like me but they are female and even though they are attractive I just like guys way more. A guy doing traditionally feminine things turn me on in general. I have to be careful with this too because I'm saving myself for marriage and a pretty boy might drive me crazy. Anyway I think I'm asking too much when I say I want a guy that is SUPER pretty but can still whoop some tail if they had too. You know I am defiantly willing to go for a guy that is willing to dress cute for me at home. He he!

I love dressing for women, even on webcam. It is always fun to model everything from classy wear to **** attire for all women.

would you like to that on me?

I'm glad SOME women understand and enjoy this hidden part of who I am. I would love to talk or meet some time, to ANY woman out there who is so into this. I'm 32 and have finally accepted this part of myself

You should like me then. I dress like a girl everyday. And I mean everything a girl wears I wear. Just read my true life stories and U will see how much of a sissy girl I am.

Girl marry me? Lol!! I am so in to women, but i love to dress pretty. Most women think i am weak, but i am a real man. I wish i knew you.

oh so do I! in fact, I want to positively find a man who cross dresses....but where can I do this? are there dating sites? I have looked at the `alternative` sites but a lot of them seem to be quite `sex` orientated whereas I also want a relationship.

There is a site where you can find frank, earnest talk about crossdressing by the men who engage in it. There is conversation about every facet, and genetic women are encouraged to join in. You will find lots of pictures and plenty of discussion. Many are quite passable as women in their appearance, and more than a few are undergoing treatments for sex change. Without a doubt you would be very welcome there and I am sure you would have no problem finding a man who would enjoy your friendship and more:
Say hi to Monika and Dana7

I am here. I wish i could find a girl like you.

Wow I. got into guys that dress as woman about 3 months ago long hair is a must and. blue eyes

I'm glad you like us, thanks!

You make the day of so many crossdressers who are straight and just want a girl like you who accepts them for who they are.
I hope you marry one and make his dreams, and yours, come true.

You said it. What a lucky guy he will be.

There is a terrible shortage of women like you dear

For those of us that are heterosexuals who love cross dressing, this was a wonderful story. It also gives us hope that one day we too can meet a wonderful woman that would be happy to be a part of our cross dressing lives.

Bingo, now how can i find a women like that?

And BTW some of the bois I know are quite good at walking in heels! I'm not half bad myself, it just takes practice!

Always nice to hear from a GG who likes a man in sexy panties! ; D

I love to dress as woman but why do u find us sexy just askin wondering if there's more woman like u

Thanks for the storie it is nice to know that some women. Like us men dressed as ladies it really helps me out. Billie

I'm the girl tonite I wanna dress and be ****** hard in the *** like a girl

I love your thought. It is framed like poetry. I wish I had found you when I was 22-25. It would have been so much fun, I think. I love dressing up. Lipstick, chosen to match the mood; panties, so colorful, so seductive, so feminine, so me; Alien, French Perfume, my favorite!
Also, so unexpected.

Well I don't go that far but I'm into the clothing thing I love pantys n skirts and some times high heels I did the make up thing twice I like it just not all the time

It's hot dressing as a women. Women have so many choices of sexy clothes that feel so good and turn men's heads...

Thanks for letting us know there are peope who like us

Nice to see young gal taking things in hands having nice time with their man. Keep it up