I Love Guys That Dress Like Women

 i am a girl, so i really do enjoy dressing as a women, but seriously, cross dressing boys are so hot, I love guys in bright lipsticks and old school dresses, they drive me nuts. they way they try and walk in heels, and watching them try and put lipstick on  oh so carefully, HOT! 

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why cant I find someone just like you , who could dress me as she pleases, while I also learn how to dress properly and also enjoy all that comes with it

I think that's awesome!

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so, then..i have no problem walking in heels, no problem with lipstick,eyeshadow, mascara, and always dress with good if not great taste...and i know i'm not alone in this(p.s. what's old school/)

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I sure like meet someone you show how this cross dress walk in heels and put on make up and maybe can help me become the woman i wish to becom

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How do I find you. I want to find women that will like make me as her baby doll. I would do anything find women like you for real. please come find me. Any female that has the understanding to know how to make me think and feel as women to experience love as well Please lady interested I don't care how beautiful she is I need help please contact via email j-i-v-e-358645ATsbcglobal.net for any lady is serious make guy who Is nice and respectful.

wish you could see me
you make me feel so hot

I have always `dressed up`.Sometime to be `not male` other times for plain old aesthetics. Guy clothes are utilitarian and functional, rarely fun and flamboyant and so overtly sexual.So other times it just `look at me'.....Guys with hairy legs and big bulging forearms, its like-Give it away,boys.I know I do not sit well with masculinity.But rarely do women accept my fluidity

I would like to have that experience. Always had the fantasy to do so but never the courage. Can you get in touch please?

want to add a explanation... why would a woman like a cross dressing male. Women are looking for strength and to gain historic male positions of authority, I would be like a weak woman so what would intrigue her to be interested in me

i like to dress up but thing why would a women ever like me after that?? too much to explain and then what

You can dress me up anytime!

I would love to find a women like that I don't know how to go about it anyone

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i wish i could meet a wonderful lady like you
Sandra sissy xx

Rest assured,Sandra.If we were closer, we would be getting up to all sorts of naughtiness.

Oh how I wish I knew you!
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A woman who likes cross dressers is very special. I really like the fifties style dresses with the flowing skirts and empire waists that highlight the bust line. It feels so sexy to wear breast forms. I can see how it makes a women feel so powerful. And the silk/nylon panties bras and slips are so feminine. WOW...

I wish you were in anchorage Alaska you sound like someone I have been looking for

she put me on a diet-5'7" 139# and size 8 jeans-she gave my male clothes to Goodwill--hair is blond growing longer-panties and bra everyday. proud to be a fem sissy. we now shop as 2 females. nails are polished--she says no woman would want me now. but after hormones I do not want a woman. after 2 years cute breast

I Wish I Could Find A Woman That Didnt Mind If Her Man Was In Womens Cloths Cause I Really Hate Hiding It I Just Want To Be Able To Dress In What Ever I Want When Ever I want

You can't be serious! I thought I was alone. I love femininity and glamor! My style makes me looks like I am a 1950's glamor doll (sometimes a Victorian doll if I'm in a darker mood) and I wish there was a guy that loved dressing the same way and is totally into me. I have friends like me but they are female and even though they are attractive I just like guys way more. A guy doing traditionally feminine things turn me on in general. I have to be careful with this too because I'm saving myself for marriage and a pretty boy might drive me crazy. Anyway I think I'm asking too much when I say I want a guy that is SUPER pretty but can still whoop some tail if they had too. You know I am defiantly willing to go for a guy that is willing to dress cute for me at home. He he!

i would do this for you but i believe im too old for you

I love dressing for women, even on webcam. It is always fun to model everything from classy wear to **** attire for all women.

would you like to that on me?

I'm glad SOME women understand and enjoy this hidden part of who I am. I would love to talk or meet some time, to ANY woman out there who is so into this. I'm 32 and have finally accepted this part of myself

You should like me then. I dress like a girl everyday. And I mean everything a girl wears I wear. Just read my true life stories and U will see how much of a sissy girl I am.

Girl marry me? Lol!! I am so in to women, but i love to dress pretty. Most women think i am weak, but i am a real man. I wish i knew you.

oh so do I! in fact, I want to positively find a man who cross dresses....but where can I do this? are there dating sites? I have looked at the `alternative` sites but a lot of them seem to be quite `sex` orientated whereas I also want a relationship.

There is a site where you can find frank, earnest talk about crossdressing by the men who engage in it. There is conversation about every facet, and genetic women are encouraged to join in. You will find lots of pictures and plenty of discussion. Many are quite passable as women in their appearance, and more than a few are undergoing treatments for sex change. Without a doubt you would be very welcome there and I am sure you would have no problem finding a man who would enjoy your friendship and more: Crossdressers.com
Say hi to Monika and Dana7

I am here. I wish i could find a girl like you.

Wow I. got into guys that dress as woman about 3 months ago long hair is a must and. blue eyes

I'm glad you like us, thanks!

You make the day of so many crossdressers who are straight and just want a girl like you who accepts them for who they are.
I hope you marry one and make his dreams, and yours, come true.

You said it. What a lucky guy he will be.

There is a terrible shortage of women like you dear

For those of us that are heterosexuals who love cross dressing, this was a wonderful story. It also gives us hope that one day we too can meet a wonderful woman that would be happy to be a part of our cross dressing lives.

Bingo, now how can i find a women like that?

I love to dress as woman but why do u find us sexy just askin wondering if there's more woman like u

Thanks for the storie it is nice to know that some women. Like us men dressed as ladies it really helps me out. Billie

I'm the girl tonite I wanna dress and be ****** hard in the *** like a girl

I love your thought. It is framed like poetry. I wish I had found you when I was 22-25. It would have been so much fun, I think. I love dressing up. Lipstick, chosen to match the mood; panties, so colorful, so seductive, so feminine, so me; Alien, French Perfume, my favorite!
Also, so unexpected.

Well I don't go that far but I'm into the clothing thing I love pantys n skirts and some times high heels I did the make up thing twice I like it just not all the time

It's hot dressing as a women. Women have so many choices of sexy clothes that feel so good and turn men's heads...

Thanks for letting us know there are peope who like us

Nice to see young gal taking things in hands having nice time with their man. Keep it up

It is wonderful to see someone that is so open about loving people who are usually ridiculed. You are AWESOME!

i like to dress like women but in public i fear off to dress because i think if anyone see me dressing like this then they would call me gay or transgender i just wanna know the feeling which i have is rubbish or something weird is ti a worng??answer me i wanna dress samw like women but i dress several times when no one is in home i see myself and i feel very very happy

Any tips to appear more girly as in my figure and cheap?

I was born as a guy but I feel more of a female which is why I dress as a girl. Dressing as a girl just seems so natural to me and that is why I deep down I feel like a woman and not a guy.


i think I look great dressed as a women and love to meet women who would take me as I am.

Please contact me



Oh i hope some women will e-mail me saying she would like to help me dress and help me with my make up. We could spend the whole day shopping then back home to do the makeover then out for drinks. I am getting so excited of just thinking about finding a women that likes to dress there man as a women.

I dress all the time as a women and can't wait to find a women to help me and we can become Girlfriend together and go shopping and everything that two girls do together with benifits for both.

Looking to find a women that really likes a man that just can't enought of dressing like a women.

I am a 23 year old male from the UK and love to dress up as a slutty woman in stockings, suspenders, corsets, killer heels, short tight dresses and skirts etc. Looking for a female who would be interested in transforming me either online or in person. If your interested please add me on msn which is Kinkyholly@live.com or skype which is kinkyholly. Hope to hear from you soon.

I would love a sexy lady to dress me as a girl, I love dressing up. I love putting on bras & panties and long ladies cardigans or sweater dresses. makes me so horny. Would love a lady to do it with me x

I love dressing my man up, just been and bought him a nice pair of heels, stockings, little black skirt, and a lacy see through top. my is he in for a good weekend. Honestly woman out there give it a go it will take you to places you never knew existed. so horny and you will ****** like never before.

hai i like to dress as hot blendy

hai i like to dress as hot blendy

Are there more lovely women like you out there? I'll love are to meet to them.

I dressed. With. My mother. When I was. A teen. I would. Like. To dress. With. A womn. Again.

Girls that are "open-minded" are such a "turn-on"! It isn't fair that girls get to wear pink, lipstick, mascara, and all the pretty clothes.... They also get to wear "boy" clothes at will... We gave the girls their freedom, but some girls don't want to give the same to us?? Unfair!

Women dont know what they are missing not letting their guy dressing as a woman. It is extremely enjoyable for both. I love buying my man clothes and actually dressing him myself it is so erotic. Just enjoy dressing as a woman and being sexy in stockings, lace and silk

my boyfriend likes to dress up in womans clothing and he looks better than I do in a dress! it drives me crazy to feel the silk on him! I love it

altoona, PA here, saying that more men would wear for their women if their women would just ask, men love excitement and thrills more than women, i have been asked to wear, now im attatched to wearing, and lost that person. i like so many other men out there, can only hope dream and wish a woman would come along and make me their gf.

I'm in to this dressing as a girl, I used to for a dare then go really into and want to do majority of the tym now ( I'm a boy aswell)

Why can't I get any understanding woman to reach out to me?

well thank you very much

I wish I could meet someone like you, I'm so lonely.

Men in lingerie is so horny an sexy.my man was drunk when my girlfreind an i dressed him in sexy lingerie now i prefer him in womens cloths when at home.my man an i go bush walking with my girlfreind and he wears womens cloths

Awesome. Glad to see when females also enjoy this.

@Amahami: If you live anywhere near Cleveland, Ohio and want to help out an aspiring crossdresser, send me a message on her or email me at numbuh398@hotmail.com

Wish I could have met someone like you 25 years ago!!!

Mmmm i love wearing girls clothes.<br />
But it is so much more pleasurable when genetic girls encourage and help, special girls like you are few and far between so thank you so much :)

To bad there are not more girls out there that like guys that dress

id love tor you to turn me into ur cute litl girl doll to dress up play with control use tease and display as ur litl girl doll : tutus ruffles lace and more

Yes indeed Bristolxd, it is such a pity there is not more women willing to accept guys who love to dress femininely. It does not necessarily mean that they are gay or bi-sexual. They just love the feel of soft and silky lingerie and feminine clothes. Essentially they are still the same person whether they are dressed masculinely or femininely. And it gives the guy the balance he needs if his lady will allow him to dress femininely so that he can fulfill his needs. That acceptance will in fact enhance and stimulate their relationship rather than his desire to dress femininely being enforcably closeted in order to keep the peace. <br />
<br />

Wow wish my gf was like u. I love to dress up n would love my gf to dress me but have to do it in private as she didn't like me doin it. Seriously wish there was more acceptin women out there

Can you give me tips on my make up hun?

I am one of the lucky ones. my wife loves when i dress and encourages me to be the woman i am more often than not! she buys me sexy lingerie and make up. I dress to the fullest and am very passable which she loves every second of.

You are a joy caits111. I love lipstick, heels and dresses. I once did a school girl photoshoot for two British girls and it was fabulously exciting. White three quarter sleeve length button through blouse, with school tie, black pleated skirt, white socks, and black shoes. A pretty white nylon bra and gorgeously girlie pink and white panties with leg lace trim. I felt wonderfully girlie and feminine throughout the photoshoot. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your story caits111.<br />
<br />

I would love to dance for you and maybe let you play with my girl ****.

Is there a special name for women who are especially attracted to men who dress like women?

Yes they are called Perfect!

Yes they are Sis.

Hi<br />
First sorry for mistake test to write,about this post i like to have one women to dress me up full body in lady sexy for feel but is hard for finde theat women who like to do this and love this becouse me i like only women not a man so i like turn on in women for hours or days or weeks i dont think months well be bored but think i gona be feel like how women feel and if this women who like to join with me and do this but only in home not out side for see me the ppl becouse this play and share is only for me and may frendgirls not for the ppl out side becouse i dont like to see me or may kids if i gona have but one day i gona be old man and i stop to do this to be for relly life is gone so now i have 34 years old and i have time to play and do this in me life and share with may girlsfrend or may wife but now iam sigle so how i sayd is hard to finde this girls/women for join but man i dont like becouse i hate this man to man iam not gay and never happen to be this....


Oh thank you for saying that. I have not found many woman who have your enthusiasm before. Will you be my friend?

I am a white male in So. Cal. and enjoy crossdressing on occasion. It is fun and I am still a normal guy. I would love to hear from females who would be open to this side of me. You can write me at XDress4Fun@aol.com

Love to chat with a woman who enjoy her man dressing up.....love to find that woman.

And we love G G's that love us dressing.

Wish my girlfriend was like you :( she uses ****** on me but wont let me wear girls clothes :(

Wish my girlfriend was like you :( she uses ****** on me but wont let me wear girls clothes :(

Like others, I found this site and have been a crossdresser all my secret life ever hopeing that one day I would find a woman who accepted, understood and enjoyed the feminine side of a very straight guy. I wouldn't know where to look, or flaunt my love of dressing-up, in public places. It's good to read many of the stories, some successful and others sad, so strong is the desire we are born with. I thought 'happyjohn' sooo lucky. 'JerryEgreen' found companionship in understanding female circles. All the best ..........

Caits I'm glad you're so open-minded; many women feel threatened by us.<br />
But I had no difficulty walking in high heels: and I love my 4" heels and never settle for anything less<br />
Right now my favourite lipstick is a deep plum: more exotic, I think, than safe, boring red.<br />
I'm wearing plenty of greens and pinks, in addition to the old reliable black

You love us to cross dress and we love to cross dress... A perfect match. Thank you for sharing. Feel free to add me if you like what you see in my profile.

I never tried it, but I would love a girl to try this on me. Just to experience it. I asked my ex one time and she got mad. But that's a story long ago.

Nice to meet you Kaits. More GG's should think like you, there would be far less cheating going on. My wife thinks similar to you and she loves to put my make up on me. Please feel free to add me.

Id love to dress up for you in numerous outfits and makeup and roleolay