Dressing As A Woman

I am so much happier when I can dress as a woman at home. It is so nice to come home from work and shed my boring male clothes.

The feeling of panties, bras and pantyhose under skirts or dresses is one I crave. I try to dress as a woman whenever I am watching

my favourite tv shows. At work, I am so jealous of the the women and the clothes they wear.

sexyglenda sexyglenda
12 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I'm so jealous too so what I do is that I wear panties and nylons under my male clothes and I have a pair of hills in my car so when I go back home I change my shoes and once in a while I walk around in my hills in the parking lot

Hi right now my dress like a women with high heels and i love it if like going for a ride so everyone could see me some day

i love to feel feminin and wish i could wear that make me feel that way all the time but i cant get more clothes to make that happen can anyone help me?

I like to wear Silkskirts,silksarees, Petticoat,silkblouses always. I am a Man, I love to wear Girl's Dresses.

Agree. It is so comfortable and natural.

You are a lucky girl HappyJohn, wish I could accept myself as well as you obviously do!

Oyess...i also love dressing in womens clothes. i am a veary masculine looking man, but underneath i am veary much a girl. i do not want a sex change, i am so veary content being a man that loves dressing up as a woman, and then pretending to be one. i love, and crave dressing in the most provocative, and sexiest, clothes...i love dressing as slutty as possible, short, tight, and sexy is my wardrobe.lots,of hair (on my head) and as for make-up i love every bit of it.. i truely love painting, my finger nails, and toe nails pretty collors.....i am never bored...cuz i can just start pretending i;m a girl and a whole new world opens up...... i am so happy to be a crossdresser...and i;m so veary pleased to be blessed with this

Count me in too I do envy the girls who walk around all day in lingerie and dress i do like to wear lingerie and i to wear panties under my everyday clothes

you can count me in on that too,as i'm out of work at the moment i get plenty of time to be the woman that i love to be.

sometimes that the first thing I do I have a skirt that hang on the back of my bathroom

Count me in too, I love dressing up in lingerie and lounging around the house. I often wear panties under my everyday clothes too.

I totally agree with you - how I envy the girls who can walk around dressed all the time!