I feel the same as Bob does in this video. I don't care if Egypt is moderate or radical. Let them have elections to choose their own government. America doesn't need to pay to any other country to be friends with the U.S.   America has enough of a problem keeping it's own house in order.


Now a word from an intellectual to balance the discourse


Caliper Caliper
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1 Response Feb 10, 2011

Odin,if you're smart enough to ask these questions, You also know the answer or what you perceive to be the real story. The U.S. elections aren't real on the most important levels. President and some Congrssional positions are filled with candidates that the population has been steered toward like a herd of cattle. We don't have any real politicians who aren't being bought and paid for behind the scenes. All they have to do to control presidential elections is capture the Electorial College,So no, there isn't anything real in America or anywhere else. But if the power brokers were made to pay the total bill maybe it would a little harder for the election process to be so slanted. In other words stop using U.S. tax payers dollars to fund all the subversive activities.What is the solution to this madness, a world wide revolution against the power structures that enslave us all. It's happening overseas and it's only a matter of time till it happens in America.The politicians are spending money and raising taxes like they are mad.As Gerald Celente says, "When a man has nothing left to lose, he loses it!" He has the website.Believe me there are more public distractions in the U.S. culture than are healthy for a sane person to deal with . Since when are Hollywood type announcements more important than riots in Greece or Egypt? The only place you are going to get the real picture of the world we live in is on the web. That why Obama wants and now has the internet kill switch to control what people are looking at and to keep a facebook or twitter controlled revolt in the states from happening.