Drill Like A Dentist

The whole situation in the middle east is totally out of control. If Senator Rangel wants to re institute the draft, to help man the army to fight these phony wars that the president keeps getting us involved in, then round up all the illegals and send their children right along with the rest of our sons and daughters.
Since when has if become legal for the president to declare war without congressional approval? That is the real question. The laws don't apply anymore? Just when it suits the agenda or not at all.


America we are being played for the manipulation of oil prices, are you hurting at the gas pump yet? Just wait till truckers can no longer afford to transport  food. Spring is here, you better start planting right now or you may be starving by summers end.
There are more oil reserves on U.S. ground right now than in all the Middle East.


Must we wait till our country is on it's knees with the gun to it's head, while this insane government destroys the world so  the New World Order can take over?
Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
Mar 21, 2011