Ron Paul

What Bob proclaims in this video, may not be so obvious to the average American. Ron Paul is still the only common sense candidate for President.
Don't like the unprovoked additional wars against Middle eastern countries? Tired of backdoor ammesty for illegal immigrants  and under handed activities to create a dangerous enivonment for Americans as with Fast walk agenda by the ATF to promote weapons sales to drug cartels as well as off limits areas because of illegal drug muggling across the U.S./ Mexican Border? Vote for Ron Paul


Jusy like in 2008, the mass media has ignorred the impact that Paul has made on this up coming election, why because he isn't with the big business agenda. Fox and MSM have declared Bachmann the winner of the Iowa Straw poll when Ron Paul actually won by a large margin. Not surprising, just as in 2008 the numbers are being manipulated again.
Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
Aug 21, 2011