I Really Used To Like It, Hope I Can Again

hey all,

i used to do some fairly extreme motorcycling trips - example;  wake up in red deer alberta 6.oo, drive south to calgary 2 hours, west to banff 1 hour, breakfast, north to jasper 4.5 hours (?), east to edmonton 4 hours, south to red deer 2.5 hours...about 12 hours total and 1200 km.  and that was saturday.  I once drove from edmonton AB to victoria bc for a plate of nachos 2400 km roundtrip - yeah I'm the guy who caused the oil shortages.  but on the bright side my bike used maybe 5 liters per 100 km or about 57 mpg. 

ok now the hard part - since 2001 i live with a brain tumor growing (mostly) quietly in my skull and I've given up mototcycling entirely, i can still drive a car but prefer not to - i could never forgive myself if i caused an accident where someone came to harm because of me.  I have one week left in a radiation treatment to help shrink the tumor so I'm really hoping that my life might even start to become somwhat normal this year.  dammit I got 2 kids to get grown up and a beautiful caring wife ... and they deserve better than i can give.

notalostcause notalostcause
36-40, M
Feb 26, 2010