Good Friday Breakfast

Mmmmmm... I do enjoy hot cross bun season. The big indulgence of the year is when we get to eat hot cross buns for breakfast on Good Friday (and maybe Easter Sunday too if we have any left). Crispy and warm from being heated in the oven. Gorgeous!

My favourite are home-made ones with loads of mixed peel and fruit. Failing that, shop bought ones with loads of mixed peel and fruit. I can't really believe they even sell fruit-less hot cross buns these days but I guess not everyone likes preserved fruit :)

rojblake rojblake
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5 Responses Apr 1, 2010

Yay! Happy Easter Meeka :)

Whoo hoo! We are not alone :)

I'm firmly in the mixed friut and peel camp! Yummy!

Heck I was happy even to have the shop-bought ones! But your home made ones are lovely. Next year :)

Sorry I didn't get around to making homemade ones for breakfast this morning Roj...I only thought of it when we were tucking into our shop bought ones without peel - darn! Next year okay :)