Electro **** Torture

i like the idea of actually torturing my **** with electricity.
I have done this using the speaker wires of a receiver and the white noise between stations for sensations.
i know this can be risky.
tens units are not powerful enough for ******, tho if used with very erotic stories or pics will work.

anybody had experiences?
vicee vicee
31-35, M
3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Pierce your **** with accupuncture needles at the pee-hole and the ba<x>se and using allegator clips wired directly to the leads, a TENS unit is MUCH more than you can handel by doing it yourself.

I can give you a tip, i do to my sub's. I inflate 2 ballons not too hard, i put between his legs, so the baloons circle the nutsack and the penis, after i put the speakers of the computer on baloons with the opens down, i put some music. it's a very interesting feeling, the vibrancy of the speaker is intensifyed by the baloons and sent to the nutsack and penis. You can try different music, this worth it!<br />

Yea, Tens will work fine when used with pervertable electrodes, the pads have too much area for the current to be spread over. One I made is a leather snap **** ring with copper de-soldering braid sewn into the inside, a favorite. A brass drawer knob makes a good insertable for *** or vajaja, The best is a stainless steel long tapered knife handle, the large ones for cutting roasts, turkey etc. That is cut off about 6 inches long and mounted to a hard rubber base. The amount of zing can be controlled by the length inside you -watts per sq.cm of quivering flesh.<br />
For a wild ride tie the black negitive leads together to the butt probe as a ground and attach the two positive pads to the soles of each foot or do the electrocockring as ground and crank up each channel - Hang on tight! <br />
One of these days I'll have to get the Eros Tech 312, unemployed right now. Have to take some pictures of the homemade gear.