Homemade Tens Accessories

While the output of a TENS unit is limited accessories that focus its wattage are helpful in achieving that elusive Hands Free *******.
When my uncle gave me his extra one for a sprained back I began experimenting almost immediately. Being shaved the field was wide open and I tried every pad placement combo I could think of. Next I added a 1 inch round brass drawer knob mounted to a small piece of plexiglass, my first insertable. Next came an assortment of metal rings for ****, balls and both which evolved into a leather snap cockring with copper de-soldering braid sewn inside. A handle cut off a dinner knife and mounted on hard dubber makes a fine variable zing butt probe, the less inside the hotter it is.For a wild ride tie the black negitive leads from each output together to the butt probe as a ground and attach the two positive pads to the soles of each foot or do the electrocockring as ground and crank up each channel - Hang on tight! One of these days I'll have to order bi-polar probes preferably both a vaginal and anal models. Then graduate to a P.E.S. or better an Eros Tech 312.
I posted pictures of the homemade equiptment in a photo album, I hope they are viewable, don't know how to link them or paste them here yet.
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tried mine but just stings. cant seem to find the right placement or setting for "jolt" any suggestions

If you really want a TENS unit, you can purchase one on line for as low $49.00 from LG Medical Supply. The web site is: www.LGmedsupply.com Just give them your name, address and Postal Code. While surfing at LG Med Supply, don't miss all the specials. I serious recommend model<br />
LG 7500 for a starter. Enjoy!!!

It sounds so yummy:)<br />
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I wonder if one can get a tens if they have a legitimate (read "vanilla" there, please,) medical condition.

Sure. Google TENS. There are plenty of makes and models to choose from. Bought mine for bursitis but wasn't long before I started experimenting. Read the warnings -- there are safety issues.

Once you've tried a tens unit, you will get quite used to it and all it's power. After a while you will want more feeling and more power. To do that, purchase a 10 to 20 watts P.A. audio Amplifier from any local Radio Shop for about $75.00 or less. Connect the output of the TENS unit to an RCA type male connector and plug it into the aux. input of the amplifier. Now connect your accessary leads to the 16 ohms output of the amplifier and your ready for more sexual feeling power. Turn on your TENS unit as usual, then turn the volume control on the P.A. Amplifier just a little bit at first. The output feeling can get quite strong. Practice your sexual sensations very carefully. Much pleasure!!!

No, hope to one day. I was planning to go to the Dark Odyssey Leather Retreat but got laid off and couldn't make it this year. Don't have much BDSM experience but what I did was fun. Planned to get there on Wednesday, explore the dungeon and dive in head first from there the rest of the weekend. Needles, cutting and the hook thing are too much but violet wand, ET 312 and a ride on a ******* machine are definatly on the list, hopefully next year.

Have you ever tried a violet wand? The charge can be built against the skin for a long as desired before pulling the wand away for the discharge of current. I'm a huge fan (pain **** that I am) of repeated jolts against My ****...(love the TENS pads placed on either side of it, too...)

Yes it does and it sounds interesting. I like trying new experiences and will add this to my list :)<br />
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Thank You.

Not pain in the usual sense except for the fly swatter thing. Its more of a zingy tingly thing that interacts with the muscles in the current path like added nerve impulses you control from a twice a second contraction to a high frequency buzz. The TENS is used to block pain sensations and to relax muscle spasms. Hope that helps explain it.

I've never tried anything like this. I'm not sure I even would but it made me very curious. Is there pain involved? I've never gone to this level before.<br />
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