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My Little 9 Volt Battery

I found out about electro sex through the use of a 9 volt battery and several stainless steel rings. It provides a very hot burn as well as intense erections of the penis. I placed 6 1 inch diameter rings around my penis. Placed a speaker wire on each contact of the 9 volt battery. And lightly touched the bare wires to the rings. There you have it. 4th of July any day of the week. It will burn you if you are not careful. I have almost *** just by doing this to my penis with no other stimulation. The price was burns and no *******. But the intense feeling of electricity flowing up and down your **** is just short of amazing.
sisterindisguise sisterindisguise 56-60, M 5 Responses Aug 19, 2010

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Does it feel good?

A long time ago i used a 9 volt battery with a controler from slot racers.

Burns from a 9 volt battery? the small transistor radio batteries? They give a pleasing tingle. Sounds like your using a 12 volt car battery, that would roast your weenie. <br />
You might look into a TENS unit on Ebay they are cheep and tons of fun, variable intensity and pulse rate from 1 per second to intense buzz. Guaranteed many intense hands free orgies. Got a photo album of homemade tens accessories, might give you some ideas.

@ My MistressP: Again, Oh My God As one who has played with 120V (that was a biter) this 9 volt sounds (┬┐sounds? - Hummm) interesting. And if You want to watch i want to perform.<br />
<br />
@ SID Thank You

Would love to usedbytwo

It's brilliant in its simplicity, even if it is a bit too risky for My comfort level. (I may be a Sadist, but the idea of leaving a plaything of Mine with electrical burns horrifies Me.)<br />
<br />
But the feeling...the intensity you describe...that is delicious. I will never grow tired of watching a man *** without the benefit of any human contact because the current that flows through him...his ****, balls, nipples, perineum, and/ or his prostate...compels him...