Homemade Electro Toys For Tough Economic Times

I'm a fan of home made electrodes with my TENS. The commercial toys are so over priced I got innovative. Copper de-soldering braid from Radio Shack sewn into a leather snap style **** ring is my favorite 'trode.
The hardware store has chrome plated steel rings in various sizes. Just have to tape over where the wire attaches to avoid a hot spot, owch. The cabnet hardware isle is a treasure trove of shapes and sizes. A ball drawer pull in stainless steel attached to a non conductive base is a great butt 'trode. Stainless is better than brass, cheep Chinese brass can contain up to 10% lead. I,ve heard of people cutting off the lower hook of a coat hook, taping it up except for the tip and using it as a prostrate zjngger, haven't tried that yet..
Another favorite is a butter knife handle attached to a hard rubber base, it slides right in and the stimulation level is adjustable. The less inside the hotter it is, all that watts per sq. cm stuff.
My favorite hook up is the butter knife handle butt plug with both positive leads connected together. One negative lead is hooked to the electrified **** ring and the other to a solid copper ring worn just below the head. The current flows - to + so the head current flows down the shaft and joins the **** ring current on its way to the buttrode. H.F.O's for days!
There are pictures of the toys in the home made toy folder tried some "in use" pix but they come out too blurry cant stay still enough I guess. Hope to get a more advanced power box like an Erostech 312 one of these days but the TENS will have to do for a while, need a new banjo more.
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Hi, It works great with both also fun to trade off who is hooked up and who has the control box.<br />
Good info can be found at manufacturer's sites like- peselectro.com<br />
or - erostek.com also by Googling -"E-stim" or" electro sex". Their stuff is expensive but a $49 TENS unit and homemade accessories will get you started. I have some pictures of homemade accessories in the photo folder and there are web sites that have ideas. The TENS can be found at medical supply sites and comes with 4 stick on electrode pads, a good idea to get extra, they wear out and break with hard play. <br />
Any questions feel free to ask.

I found this experience group and I find the subject so exciting. I want to know more. What would work for me? Should I tell my hubby of this interest. Is it a turn off for guys if their girls get off better with electro devices?

Looking for years to find girls interested in electroplay, I only once met a girl I could persuade, and we had some immens lustful sessions for hours!! She really wanted it again and again. Tell your hubby....he will be delighted to know your interest in electrosex!!! Go for it.

I forgot - http://www.electrastim.com They have some interesting accessories at more reasonable prices as well as their own unique power box. Also there is an international shipping page as well, may make ordering easier but won't help with that VAT. I might need some UK made parts for my Royal Enfield motorcycle, wouldn't mind the 20% tax if I was getting national health care, here you are at the mercy of greedy insurance companies or you are on your own .

Well, erostek.com has some nice boxes, though they are expensive. peselectro.com has some as well, not as fancy. You would get more bang for your buck or should I say punch for your pound by getting their different electrodes and using them with the TENS for now. They are more sophisticated than home made and specialized for guys and gals. They all use different plugs so they can sell you adapters though there is nothing special about them, could even twist the wires together and tape. <br />
<br />
Easy home made techniques, I'd say a butt probe is it. A stainless steel butter knife or kitchen utensil with a nice shaped handle, wired and taped up so 10 cm or so is exposed gets pretty mind blowing. The less inside the hotter it feels ( watts per cm2) also the negative (black) wire electrode is more intense than the positive (red) current flows negative to positive. The pulse with control is nice, it feels like it controls how deep the current in the body. A high output narrow pulse with then turning up the with can get interesting. <br />
<br />
Just remember keep it below the waist , no ***** hook ups. It probably won't disrupt your heart rhythm but why take a chance. Enjoy