I have been stimming with a TENS for about six months and I love it. I am also into Sounding and CBT and at full power I can really make my cockhead sizzle.My unit has two poles with separate controls so I can sizzle two places at once.I like to put pad under my balls and a rod in my *** for some prostate fun. That also gives my. balls a nice tingle. I also like a metal rod in my peehole and a pad at the **** base which gives the whole **** a zap. My favorite is an electrode at the **** base and a pad on the head with the other pole connected to my *** and balls which gets ****, balls and *** tingling. Then I slowly raise the power on the **** all the way up which makes the whole head sizzle and hurt which always makes me ***.
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I have e-stiming and sounding for a few years also and do it at extreme. I have had no ill efects thus far excecpt few bladder infections from sounding into my bladder and turning up the e-stim too far. I love the feeling of stimming my balls to the max.I find that wrapping my balls with copper wire and then just pushing one of the stim wires down my **** gives me the extreme pleasure.

So far I have not been burned. I sometimes feel a bit of a sting if the pad or `trode is not nice and tight. I wrap 3 turns of the solder around an appropriate diameter socket, different diameters for around the base and around the **** head. Alligator clips can attach the TENS to your ****. I also have wrapped foil around a piece of plastic pipe, placed a pad on it and wrapped more foil around it. I like that in my *** with the other wire on the **** head for a super sizzle. I like to use full power on my **** head when I want to ***.

I've only been doing it for less than a month, and I'm burning my ****! Have you had a problem with burns? I use gel and make sure the electrodes are tight against me. What am I doing wrong. Sometimes I do it for over an hour, even 2 or 3, is that the problem? I love the feeling and don't want to stop, but I don't like getting burned and having scars. Any suggestions?

Are you using the `trode pads? If they are not firmly in place they can burn. It has sometimes happened to me when I turn up the power. It stings but does not leave marks on me. I prefer rings which I made from lead free solder available any hardware store or Home Depot. I like about three turns each for lots of contact and sized to fit snugly at each location. I put one at the base of my **** and one on the head under the rim. This gives me a slight warm tingle in my balls and really stimulates my **** head as I slowly increase power. Sometimes I need full power to sizzle the head which really stings but it makes me *** hard. I als like to slip a tube in my peehole to fill with the *** which I then swallow.

I wa using **** rings that had a metal contact. That is what causeed the burns, maybe they don't work very weel. Last night I used pads and didn't get burned, so maybe thats what I have to do in the future.
As far as your homemade rings, do you mean yo take the solder coil and wrap ir around your **** 3 times and this is your **** ring? How do you attach it to the power unit?

I stillhave burn marks on my **** both on the head and shaft. For years I have used metal hose clamps (one on base and one on head) with no burns.
The current burns maybe because used thin wire.
please post any good suggestions.