1968 - Twas A Very Good Year!!!

That was the year I discovered ElectroSex, only I didn't know it until just recently!!  It was just a very pleasant, and shocking, experience for me back then!  I worked at an airport on the west coast of Vancouver Island as a Radio operator for the Canadian Department Of Transport.  Which meant I put in an 8 hour shift (either days, evenings or midnights) and did maybe 10 minutes work an hour.  Basically bored to tears!!

On a midnight shift I discovered in a storage room an old, broken down crank telephone.  I remember my grandfather had one on his farm and it brought back good memories.  Anyway, I was playing with it and gave it a crank, just for the hell of it, only to discover it produced an electric shock from the wires that were hanging from it!!  So, being the curious sort, I played with it and discovered that, based on how fast you cranked it, the shock would vary.

One thing lead to another and I eventually decided it might be an interesting sexual experience.  And sure enough, it was!!  The only thing I regret is not taking that broken down phone with me when I quit the job a couple of months later!!  It definately entertained me during the long, boring midnight hours!!

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Yes, you missed out on a good deal.<br />
Jobs like that do lead to a lot of new sexual experiences. Fun, too, especially if you have a friend who can come by for a visit once in a while.