I don't know exactly why but I can't get enough of it. I would like to share with someone else. Both of us getting an enema at the same time.
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Oh God!! I love enema treatments!! I love the feeling of the warm sensation and watching the tiny tummy bulge increase!! Then the holding dance!! Fighting the desperation for satisfying release!
I do two warm water and shampoo treatments. Two warm water rinses, and a final scented douche!! I feel so sexy clean afterwords!!

Uh huh!! Yes!!

I love enemas. have one every morning. then I use my anal toys

I love daily enemas.

That would be such fun.......

it is a lot of fun. love to be clean when I use my toys.


I did my first one yesterday & now I think I'm totally hooked!

Going to go for a whole 2ltrs next time.

haven't had an enema in years but the idea of doing it at the same time w someone has my **** roc hard

i have only had enemas in hospital but i have a drug i inject into my bum to make me go