Is This Auto-asphyxiation - What Do You Feel?

i dont strangle myself but i think its similar - is this what happens when people auto-asphyxiate?

il describe the feelings of when it works:
what i do is just after ****** i take a deep breath and hold it
my heart is really pounding in my chest and my heart beat seems to slow right down
i get this feeling move up the back of my neck and up my head
then i breath out and get this mad head rush and a feeling of intense pleasure
its like youre unaware of anything but the feeling in your head, you completely loose track of time or where you are, the muscles in your jaw tingle, you seem to have the same thought over and over, you move backwards and forwards slightly - then slowly you come out of it and regain awareness of your surroundings
it a really pleasuable sensation far stronger than ****** or any other high iv had

it can vary in strength: sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you get a nice tingling and sometimes the head rush makes you pass out completely and when you come round at first you dont know where you are or whats happened

thats what happens to me anyway

how about you?
analcavern analcavern
Oct 1, 2010