Choking Sex

Tis all started a year or two ago. The wife and myself had been out with friends having a few drinks. When we got home things got heated up. We love to tie each other up and get rough with one another. As things progressed we started having sex and she asked me to put my hands around her throat and choke her. I was kinda suprised at the request. But I done as she asked and started to choke her. We kept doing our this and she started to return the favor and as we had an ****** we released each others neck and seemed to intensify the affect it had on us. Now it's an on going thing. Several times after an intense event she would wake up with a sore neck. On occassion I've had her start slapping me in the face as I choke her, what a rush. Sometimes I will walk up behind her shove her against the wall or counter and act like taking her from behind and place my hand around her neck and it seems to get her going. It seems to get more intense the more we practice the technique. I would be willing to do more but still trying find our thresholds or boundaries. Suggestions wanted.
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That sounds so fine!!! Would you please add me.

Careful my friend, there have been some deaths in this area from exactly that form of sex.

sorry but the only thing i like to choke is my chicken :) lol & the gf like that as well :P)

I'll share a good strangulatiion story with some good ideas if you'd like -- send me a regullar email to

wish I could find someone to do this with me.. turned me on just reaidn it...

It is awesome to see the look on her face as she *******. Her eyes go wide, she starts to shake a shudders. It is such a turn-on. Everybody goes away happy. Yes you have to know where to stop with the choking. We don't try to make each other passout or anything drastic like that. You also need a safe word.

My boyfriend does this a lot to me. I love the feeling of being tied, totally helpless and then having him choke me. He starts out gently squeezing, then it gets hard until I can't breathe. The ******* are fantastic for both of us, he gets very excited watching me struggle and his are more intense.

i like aurotic aspyxia being suffocated with a plastic bag

i like aurotic aspyxia being suffocated with a plastic bag

just don't lose control, not to hard, you can really make her ****** tons from it, try to experiment different ways to choke, never to hard, but always a pleasure.

Agree with Jewess. I also know of one serious negative result from this.

i have never tried this but a friend did and needed to go to the hospital so be careful