Fetch The Bag

i enjoy being tied and totally encased in plastic bags. have some huge ones that cover me from head to toe. my wife ties me and covers my head untill i ***, but she wont hold the plastic completely closed.

i have loved plastiic bags ever since i can remember, and alwys loved the feel of them over my face. even the noise makes me quiver!!

i would love her to put one over my head while i am tied and helpless but i dont think she ever will. going for a rest now in my big black plastic bags, dreaming of being bagged!!

capeme capeme
46-50, M
5 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Have you tried clingfilm?

Yes, have tried cling film and love it, but you can't beat the plastic moving when you struggle! :)

True. But you cant struggle in cling film!!

I fantasize about what you describe, but have no one to do it.

just try 2 recycle ok..., remember the global warming.....

an it great

an it great