The First Time I Gave A Spanking

I have been into spankings my whole life so when I dated my first girlfriend about five years ago, I was just incredibely turned on by the idea of spanking her. Since I was kinda affraid what her reaction would be I hesitated to ask her. However, one day I just decided that I should go for it. My parents were not at home so we were staying in our house and were about to take a shower. I told her many times that I like when she is shaved, yet, when I entered the bathroom, I saw that she definitely didn't shave for several days. I came close to her, put my hand in between her legs and asked her why wasn't she shaved. She just said that it is annoying to shave so often and that she didn't have time this week. I looked at her and told her that I'm tired of asking her all the time and that she should be punished. She just smiled and asked what do you mean. That's when I sat on the edge of a bathtube, bend her over my knee and gave her about ten hard smacks on her bare butt. It happened very fast and afterwards she just jump up, grabing her bum and saying "Oh my god, are you kidding? That hurts!". I replied that now she'll hopefully remember to do what I ask her to do. If not, I'll have to do this again. She just said "Ok, I'm sorry, I'll shave right away." Exactly what I wanted to hear!
We talked about it later on. She knew I found it arousing since well it was very easy to see. She said that she wished I gave her heads up first but hey, that wouldn't be that much fun. Also she found the smacks to be too hard. So after this experience, we tried it again several times but it was always in a more erotic setting and the spankings were lighter.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

OK, go for it!

Spanking (erotic) should be consensual and then you can enjoy it fully!

Definitely! But not everybody is born knowing he/she likes it. This girl was not sure about it. She was more like if it turns you on, go for it. But after some experimenting she really started to dig it.