Finding Man To **** My Wife

I totally enjoyed finding men to **** my wife, before we were married I would always let my Army buddies and other men know that my girlfriend was available I would give them the address of our apartment hoping they would **** her real good for me.

My wife was 19 when I met her in a bar she was a very good-looking petite young lady she had **** me written all over her face I really like that. After I got to know her she told me some of her history in life, she was married to an abusive husband had no place to go to get away from him. Her dumb *** husband had no idea what a jewel he had this woman was many man's dream of having her for a wife. It sure as hell was my dream as soon as I met her.

Getting her an apartment on the outskirts of the city enable her to get away from her abusive husband where he could not find her after which he told me he was doing to her and had medical reports to back it up I told her to get a divorce I would marry her as soon as the divorce was final. I was surprised how fast her divorce was granted it only took a few months her abusive husband hadn't paid her X number of dollars every month which I told her to give to her mother.

I was transferred to another outfit right after we were married so things were quite quiet and tell I was reassigned back to the USA. My father picked us up at the airport New York in 1957 I had two more years ago in the Army when I get to my new duty assignment I had to find an apartment for my wife and I which took about three months. Meanwhile a lot of things happened that really didn't surprise me and I was very happy that they happened. When man when he was up my wife and my father drop me off at the airport she gave me a real wet kiss and told me she would be taking care of which I knew was going to happen.

Meanwhile when I get to my new duties assignment and settled in I started looking for an apartment right away apartments for GIs in Virginia Beach were difficult to find segregation was in full bloom in this city. I was surprised that it was still going on in 1957 but didn't pay any attention to it until I went into the city with one of my black Army buddies that open my eyes to the hypocrisy in that city.

I found an apartment for my wife she join me a few days later I picked her up at the bus terminal with one of my black buddies with me we went to our apartment we weren't in there 5 min. when the landlord was knocking on our door said he did not want any ******* on his property I could not believe what I was hearing slam the door in his face that was followed by an eviction notice. Not knowing the law back then I could've sued the son of a ***** because that was against the law to do that to military personnel.

We moved to more times because of the same situation that we purchased a mobile home on the outskirts of the city near the black population that was the end of our trouble with white people. We were new to the neighborhood and blacks were accustomed to not talking to white people. I had a chance open the door with the black population there when one of my black neighbors couldn't start his car went over the asked him if he needed help and couldn't believe I was talking to him. I looked at his car was a minor problem got money for him and that open the door for us in the black population.

Soon after we moved here I was sent to the Canadian Arctic for a few months meanwhile I became good friends with my black neighbor introduced into my wife I also let him know when I was not home he was welcome the stopover for coffee in my mind that was as much is telling him it was okay to **** her. The guy did not catch what I was saying I assume because she never come over one Saturday when I was home I invited him over for a couple of beers I only had one beer left that was my opportunity to leave him alone with my wife while I went out for beer. I took my time getting back to give my wife an opportunity to get him in bed with her, when I get back in the house I can hear some action in the bedroom I peeked in the door I seen this beautiful black yes bouncing up and down and my beautiful white wife I have never forgotten that. I was hoping he was ******* her bareback I found out when they were done he was doing exactly that.

They sent me to the Canadian Arctic a week or so after that I told her a new black friend that my wife was going to be home alone for a few months to look after her. He looked at me kinda confused I told him he was welcome to step over a home any candy wanted bring friends if my wife asked which I know she would. When I get back from the Canadian Arctic he had moved in to our mobile home treating my wife as though she was his which I really appreciated. I like to watch them on the couch making out watching TV and eventually start ******* which is what my wife is made for in the first place.

I have over 50 years of hot stories of my wife and me setting her up with other men her finding her own men throughout our marriage.
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My **** ***** wife I should say beautiful **** ***** wife ****** just about every black man in the company I work for.<br />
I don't mind telling everyone how it started with a black man in my company, I was called a quite often at night to make repairs I always fill the car up with gas. One night I was called in I started to fill my car up with gas the head foreman come out told me he would fill the car for me because he needed the shop running right away.<br />
I proceeded to make repairs I looked out to where my car was it was gone so was he in my wife I said to myself beautiful now all the black men in this company are going to know my wife is a ****. I stopped what I was doing to go find out where they went they were parked behind a pile of concrete blocks my wife legs were up in the air so I knew he was ******* her real good. I hurried back to the shop to finish the repairs about 45 min. later they showed up I said nothing to either one of but he did have a smile on his face. <br />
<br />
I got into the car to go home my wife asked me if any other black men wanted to **** her I immediately stopped the car when in the shop and asked the first black man I see my wife wanted talk to him I took his place on the assembly line needless to say I was on at assembly-line for two hours but it was worth every minute of it I knew she was getting a real good *******.<br />
<br />
After that episode all the black men become very friendly with me which I didn't mind at all because my wife was a nympho maniac and would **** all day if a man was around.

I watched this little petite blonde ***** that I married getting **** for over 50 years I enjoy every minute of it and so did she because she was a nympho maniac had to **** every day