My Panties

my name is louise and i am 18,
my favourite thing to do on a saturday is to go to tescos and walk around in a wrap that just covers my privates and watch all the mens faces, especially
the ones that are married. it gives me such a trill ,
on occasion i dont ware any panties and those days are the best,
but when i am wareing panties i like to sit on the low wall outside the exit and when i see a guy that has been staring at me i adjust myself a little giving him a full view of my white panties, to see their faces is priceless and i have to go straight me and do u know what,
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11 Responses Jul 31, 2010


Just go panty-ness from now on..... burn all your panties and bra!!!

a good one would to go to the girls room remove your panties and secretly drop them his shopping bag on the way out he he.

Just read this - I LOVE the thought!!! As a red-blooded male, I would really love to see it, of course, but also really like the idea of a girl getting out there and getting here jollies... >:) mmmm... Keep it up, Louise. You've got ME up... ;)

if you really enjoy driving men crazy try driving your car past truckers in a short skirt with no panties....There is no chance of them approaching you, and they can let each other know what your up to by radio so you will have them all drooling.

OMG i love it!!!... I watched a girl finger herself for like 20 miles incredible and she never made eye contact with me... I made a mess LOL

I totally understand how you feel try wearing no undies...even if no see I promise it will make you wet. I love it...the odd time i will wear a skirt and "let it" blow up or bend over...the reaction is hot.

My young dear, you are an exhibitionist and thank God you are 18 or no one would be commenting. Exhibitionism is an increasingly common fetish amongst young girls in modern times as the gestating female hormones combined with the liberal, **** is cool and mainstream acceptance (Kim Kardashinan, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson) of the industry and massive participation and viewing thereof. Although I completely realize the odds of this compulsion and profile being legitimate are remote at best (lonelygirl15 anyone?), it is compelling enough to consider an offer for a reality pilot with a seed budget, if, big if, you are sexy and attractive, which I can only assume that you are based on the married men’s response.

rather see other than white panties. especially silk, yuck on cotton

would love to sniff your panties