I Always Flash My P*ussy At Older Men

I am 19 years old. Right now I am in Amsterdam on holiday. I am writing this from my hotel room, using my laptop. I have this very short dress which I bought for special ocasions when I want to flash my thong or my p*ussy and a*ss. Last night I ate at a restaurant with my mom. When we came back, the hotel was quiet, most people were asleep. The only person we saw was a man in the reception which looked about 50 - 55. When we got back in the hotel room, my mom decided to take a shower. I changed into my extremely short dress (like, if I crouch down just a little bit you can already see everything) and put some heels on. I decided to go for a walk around the hotel before going to sleep. But my real plan was to flash at that man in the reception. When I went down, he was standing in the same place. I asked him what he was doing there. I noticed he gave a quick glance at the shortness of my dress before answering my question. He said he was waiting for the receptionist to bring him a new card to open his room because the one he had wasn't working. I said "Ohhh allright, i'm also waiting to ask for something" (not true, I just went down to flash at him).. Ofcourse, I needed an excuse.. I find it hot to flash, but I don't like to make it look as if I was doing it on purpose. I like to make it look as if I didn't even know I was flashing. I took a pen from my room with me (one of these pens with the hotel name on it) and I asked the man "Have you been waiting for long?" and then he started replying "Erm.. No, not really.." and when he was in the middle of a sentence I dropped the pen. I said "Oops" and bent over to pick it up, with my a*ss facing towards him. I wasn't wearing anything underneath. I could feel how half my a*ss was visible at that moment, and ofcourse, part of my p*ussy, which was waxed. I took my time to pick the pen up, especially in the moment that I was bent over the most. As I slowly went back up, I looked behind me and I saw the man with a little smile on his face but at the same time he looked surprised, as if he couldn't believe what he had seen. In the moment he saw me looking at him, he looked away, but even when I was completely back up I could see he was trying hard not to smile. Before I fly back to Zürich I still have a few hot experiences to go through in the hotel, and i'll write them all on here.
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6 Responses Oct 23, 2011

Great story! Would love to see a sample!

Wonderful ! ! I am an older male and enjoy a ooops flash! : )

I love women who flash their *****.

I would ask if you wanted to ****.

baby got back

do u ever wanna let them do more then just look?