Flash Fun Again 6

A couple weeks after going out and playing with my wife for her gf i had to go out of town on a trip and the wife wanted to come with but unfortunatly could'nt. When i got to the town i had to go to i checked into the motel and got comforatble then gave my wife a call to let her know i was there. She asked if i had done any playing on the way down and i told her that i had thought about it but just wanted to get here and didnt do anything. I asked her why and she told me that she was hoping i would so i could tell her about the reactions from the people that saw me. I told her that maybe i would on the way home and would be able to tell her when i got there and if she enjoyed it that much i would be there to take care of her. She agreed but said she would like me to have some fun while i was out too so that i would really be ready when i got home and said that she had gone out after i left and did some shopping and had some already. I asked what she had done and she said that she had gone shopping for a few things and wore her shortest sun dress and that was all. I asked her what kind of show she gave and she said while she was shopping she did a lot of bending over giving people a look up her dress letting them see she didnt have anything on under it. She said it was fun and she knew there were a couple of guys that got a nice show but said the best was when she was on her way home. She said she had to stop for gas on the way home and while she was in paying for it she looked out and saw two guys had pulled up to the pump next to her car. She said she stood there talking to the girl at the counter and keeping an eye on them. While she was talking to her, when she wasnt looking my wife reached down and undid the bottom three buttons of her dress leaving it open undone to her stomach. She said just standing in the store you couldnt tell any different. She waited till the guy came in to pay for his gas and went back out to his car and said goodbye to the girl at the counter and went out. As she was walking out the breeze caught her dress and opened it up giving the guy sitting in the car a clear view of her *****. She said she reached down and pushed it closed like it was an accident but wanted to give them both a good show. When she got to her car she put her purse in and then walked over and grabbed the squeegee and started cleaning the windshield. As she was cleaning it she heard the one guy in the car tell his buddy she wasnt wearing anything under her dress. She said they sat there a minute watching her so she bent over to get as far across the window as she could so they both could see. She said when she did they both got to find out since when she did it she lifted one leg up in the air and was standing there reaching across the window and the wind blew as she did blowing her dress up leaving everything showing from her stomach down. They started whistleing and calling to her but she just looked at them and smiled and thanked them for the compliments. She said she was going to undo the top so they could get a look at her **** to but when she started another car pulled in so she couldnt. But said she gave them both a good look before she got in the car when she opened the door and bent over with her legs spread and pulled her dress up and stood there for them a minute. I asked what they did and she said they wanted her to come with them but she told them its all for show boys only my hubby gets it. She said they tried to follow her but she knew a way to loose them and did then came home. I asked her if she wanted them and she said no thats not the fun of it, its only for you and to give them something to dream about. I told her the same and said i wished i was there to enjoy the show and be able to take care of her since i was already nude and she had woke me up. She laughed and agreed and said good now maybe i will be in the mood to do some playing and tell her about it. Then she asked if i had unpacked my back yet, i told her no and asked her why and she said theres a surprise in there for me and said to go look. When i went and looked i found half a dozen pictures of her out showing off and asked her who took them for her. She said she asked her gf to take them for her so i had something to have with me on my trip and then said is that all you found. I told her yeah and she said go look again and when i did the only thing i found was my clothes. She told me to look in the side of my bag and when i did there were a pair of short shorts in there and she told me to look at the jeans in there. I pulled out the jeans and she had customized them by cutting out the whole crotch area. I asked her what she expected me to do with them and she told me to wear them. I said right if i put them on it would be like i didnt have anything on at all. She laughed and said thats the idea and said thats why i put in a long shirt for you too, you can be covered till you want to be seen then just open it a little and everything can hang out and be seen. Then she told me when i wear them she wants me to tell her all about me getting seen and made me promise to wear them for her. We talked awhile and she wanted me to show off as much as i could so she could hear all about it. When we got thru i kicked back in the room and when dinner time came i thought about getting dressed and going out and getting something but wasnt in the mood so i called room service. When dinner came i wrapped a towel around me and opened the door, the bellboy came in and i tipped him and he left and after he was gone i realized i hadnt ordered anything to drink. I was going to call down and get something then figured i would just go out to the pop machine and get something. I took the key and some money and walked down to the pop machine and grabbed a bottle, as i was leaving to walk back to my room i heard a door close and stuck my head out and saw a girl walking down the hall in her swim suit. I was going to behave but remembered what my wife had said so i figures why not go ahead and have some fun to tell her about. I loosened the towel a little and took off back toward my room. When i got about fifteen feet form her i dropped some change and bent down and picked it up and when i stood up i felt the towel slipping and as i stood up it fell leaving me standing there nude right in front of her. She stopped there dead staring at me and i stood there a minute like i was shocked letting her look before sqautting down and picking up the towel. She never moved and when i did pick it up i had trouble getting it wrapped around me with my hands full and the whole time she stood there enjoying the show. I apologized and she just smiled and said no problem then took off and went down the hall. I went back to my room and ate and finally went to bed. The next day i went to my meetings and was gone most of the day and when i got back that night i came in the room and there was a note under the door that said i like the way you go for drinks. I didnt think she had seen what room i had gone to but i guess she had stopped and waited to see which room i was in. I laughed and thought about it and then went and showered and shaved myself clean and wrapped a towel around me and went for another drink hoping she might come back by agian. I didnt see her so just went back to my room for the night. The next day my meetings were only a couple hours long so i got back to the room a little after noon. I kicked back for a bit relaxing then decided to go down to the pool and relax and enjoy it for awhile. I put on my shorts and had to wear them pulled down a little to keep myself covered and grabbed a towel and walked down to the pool. When i got down to the pool there were a number of people in it so i had to be careful but finally got in and swam around a bit. After i swam awhile i got out and went over to the hot tub and was relaxing in there when i noticed the girl i had shown off to in the hall come in from the sauna. She went and jumped in the pool and swam around awhile and i kept an eye open to see if she would notice me. She did finally get out and walked over to a table where she and i think her family were and took her towel and was drying off when she looked over and saw me in the tub. She sat down with them but kept looking over to the tub and after a little while her and her brother came over to get in the tub. She never said anything when she got in but just smiled and said hi. They sat there relaxing and talking for awhile and i noticed her keep looking down under the water at me. While they talked i reached down and pulled the leg of my shorts to the side a little so that i was hanging out and floating around in the water but wasnt sure if she could really see anything. After a little while the rest of the people said they were going up to the room to get ready for dinner, they said they would be up in a few minutes. They sat in there a bit longer and she asked her brother to get the towels and after he got out she asked if i got the note she left. I smiled and told her yeah and said that maybe i would have to go get another drink about 9 oclock tonite. She smiled and said maybe she would see if she could get one then too and then started to climb out. When she stood up i did too and the leg of my shorts slid down too but part of my **** was hanging out for her too see. She got out and walked over to her brother to get her towel and they left as i got out. I went back to my room walking just a bit behind them and pulled my shorts up so my **** was hanging out and held the towel in front of me till i saw her turn around now and then to look and then would move it letting her see. When i got to my room i stood there a minute and she turned around to look once more and i moved the towel to let her get one more look then went in and called my wife to tell her everything. I told her and she asked me if i enjoyed myself and i told her yeah and she said did you let her see you hard. I told her no and she said too bad then told her that i was going back down later and told her what time i was going to go down. She told me to do it for her again but to let her see my **** hard as a rock to give her something to really remember. I told her i would if i could and would let her know everything later. Later that night i wrapped a towel around me and went back down to the pop machine, i waited there a bit and she didnt show up and was about to go back to my room when i heard a door close and thought it was her coming down. I stood there waiting for her to come down when i heard voices and realized it wasnt her and ws just about to leave when to young girls came in to get a pop. They came in and looked but didnt pay much attention and got there pops and left. I started to leave and was just about to walk out of the room and looked around the corner and saw the girl coming down. I reached under the towel and started stroking my **** a bit to wake him up some and waited for her to get there. The thought of showing it off to her didnt take much for me to get hard and stood there with a hardon poking out the towel. I peeked around the corner to see where she was and when she was just about to the room i pulled the towel off and wrapped it around my neck and stood there naked and hard as a rock. When she came into the doorway she stopped dead and stood there staring at me. I turned and faced her and asked her if this was a good way to go for pop. She just stood there staring at my hard on with her mouth wide open and before she could say anything there was someone running in the hall calling her. She told me to cover up real fast and just as i got the towel wrapped around me her little sister came down. They both stood there looking at me and i got my pop and they came in and got theres. I left and started walkng back to my room and just as i got to my door i looked back and she was standing at the door for the pop room looking and i opened my door and just before i stepped in i pulled the towel off and let her get another look. I called my wife once i got in the room and told her everything and she asked if i let her watch me play with it. I told her no that her sister came down and i only got to give her a couple good looks. I never did see her again since the next day i had a meeting in the morning and checked out before i left for it. I called my wife after i was done and told her i was on my way home and she asked if i was going to wear my jeans for her on the way back. I told her i would and she said she wanted to know about everyone that gets to see me when i got home. I had a 7 hour trip to go to get home so i took off and stopped along the way to change at a rest area. As i came out of the bathroom i had my first show while i was walking back to my car. As i was walking out to the car there were two girls coming up to the bathroom and as they got close i let go of the shirt and it hung open and both of them looked as i walked by with everyting hanging out showing for them. One of them almost tripped as she was walking up and staring at my ****. I drove along and there wasnt too many that could see anything in the car so i took the shirt off to be comforatble. I started getting hungry and decided to stop and grab a bite to eat and pulled into a macdonalds. I was going to go thru the drive thru but decided to go in and relax a bit to get out of out of the car. I put my shirt on and went in and ordered and tried to stay covered up but when i reached in my pocket to get the money the shirt shifted enough and the girl at the counter got a real good look but never said anything. I went and sat down and was sitting there eating when three girls came over near where i was and sat down to eat. I sat there eating and decided to try and play and shift a little bit so that my shirt moved and i was showing to them a little bit. They sat there eating and talking and the more i thought about them getting to see me i started getting hard. As i did my **** started lifting up and pushed the shirt out of the way and it was long before one of them looked over and noticed and i saw her lean over and tell her other two friends. As i sat there eating i kept an eye on them without them knowing i was looking and could see the others turning around trying to see too. They kept talking and turning around looking and when i was done I looked around and saw there was a garbage near the bathroom. They were in between me and the garbage and i decided to let the have a good look. I covered up and walked back to the garbage and threw my stuff away and went into the bathroom. I waited a minute and then held the shirt in front of me and walked back out and looked around to see if anyone could see besides them. When i came back out i saw the two lean over to their friend and say something to her and she turned around to see and as i started walking toward them i saw no one else could see and just before i got to their table i let go of my shirt and walked up with my **** standing at attention showing to them. All three of them were sitting there staring at my **** and one of them said oh my god. I stopped at there table and said nice day out letting them look then covered up and walked back out to my car. When i got outside they were still sitting there staring at me and just before i got in my car i looked around then took my shirt off letting them get another look then waved at them and left. The rest of the trip home was pretty normal but i had a nice hard on all the way. When i got home my wife saw me pull in and was standing in the window naked and smiling and as i got out of the car i let go of my shirt and let her see that i had worn the jeans and that my **** was hard as a rock. When i got in the door she didnt even let me really get in before she started asking me who got to see me and pulling my clothes off me. When i started telling her everything she started playing with herself and said she was horny as hell and wanted to do it right in front of the window where we might be seen.
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May 18, 2012