Flash Fun Again 7

After coming back from my buisness trip, for the next couple weeks my wife kept asking me different questions about how i showed off to the girl at the motel, how i felt about it and everytime i told her she would get horny as hell and attack me or just sit and play with herself while i told her. She fianlly asked me if we could go to a motel and get seperate rooms and have me try and do it again so she could watch and act like we didnt know eachother. I told her we could go and try it again but didnt need to get seperate rooms i would still do it for her and she said she wanted to just be another guest who doesnt know when its going to happen and may get lucky enough to be around it see it go on and could sneak over to my room after i did it. I finally said ok and said that we could try it the next weekend coming up. When the next weekend came around we took off and went to a hotel about an hour outside town. Just before we got there my wife told me to go in and check in and she would come in a couple minutes later and do the same. She had made reservations for us during the week and when we pulled up it didnt dawn on us that the hotel had valait parking. My wife saw it and said that i should go ahead and go in and she would wait outside and have a cigarette then come in after i checked in. When we pulled up two guys came up to the car to opened the doors for us and the wife said watch the guys face that opens her door when i get out. She had on a short mini skirt and as the guy opened the door for her she turned to get out and put one leg out and left on in the car and turned around and layed back over into the backseat to get her purse out. I got out and stood up and looked over at the guy and his eyes were about ready to pop out of his head. I walked around the back side of the car and came around to her side and looked down and she was sitting there with her legs spread wide open giving the guy a perfect view of her bald *****. The guy looked at me then looked away but couldnt help but look back at her. I walked to her door and leaned down and said i think you need to be more careful, she turned around and looked at me then looked up and saw the attendant standing there staring at her ***** and closed her legs up and said sorry my purse fell over. She gathered up the rest of the things that fell out and turned to get out and slid across the seat to get up and as she did the dress slid up giving us both another clear view of her beautiful *****. She stood up and told me to go ahead and go check in that she needed a cigarette and walked off to a bench and sat down outside the door. I went in and got my room and went ahead and went to it and a bit later i heard her go into her room and called her on the phone. When she answered she asked if i thought the guy enjoyed the show. I told her im sure he did since i could tell he had a hardon when i came around and walked up. She laughed and said the whole time she sat out having her cigarette she could see it too and he kept looking over trying to get another look. I asked her if he got a look and she said well of course i couldnt resist it was just to easy to pass up. I said i bet we get great service when we check out and she comes down wearing the dress again. She said maybe i will have to wear it or maybe my sun dress and leave most of the buttons undone. I told her that would get his attention and she laughed and said im sure it will, i told her to open her door that i was coming over and she started to say no then i told her i havent started playing yet so no one will know we are together. I went over and we sat talking awhile then she said lets go down to the pool and see if theres anyone around that i could pick out to be able to play for. Just before i left she looked at me and said i know this weekend is for you to play and me to watch but if i get a chance im going to have a little fun to like i did downstairs. I told her that was fine and she said she was just going to do a little that she wanted to watch more than play but figured she may as well have a little fun too. She said she would see me down at the pool and i left and went back to my room to put my shorts on. I changed and grabbed a towel and went down to the pool and it was really busy so i had a lot to choose from but had to be careful too since ther was a number of young kids in there too. I found a table and put my towel down and went and got in the pool and started swimming around. I was swimming around and looked up and saw my wife come in and saw her look around and then went over and put her towel down a few tables away from where i had mine set. She sat down at the table for a bit just watching then finally came over and dove in too. I swam around a little bit more then got out and went over to the hot tub and climbed in. There was a couple women and a i figured there husbands in there so i had to be a little careful getting in to not fall out of my shorts. I was sitting there relaxing and looked over and saw my wife talking to two girls that looked to be about 16 years old. They stood there talking for a bit then my wife swam off and noticed the two girls stood ther a minute looking over at the hot tub then started swimming around too. I sat in the hot tub a bit then got out and went into the sauna, there was just one guy in there and we sat there talking a bit then after a few minutes my wife came in and sat down on the bench across from us. We all sat there enjoying it and my wife started moving around a little and i noticed her watching him and when he wasnt looking she would shift and in time she got the bottom of her suit pulled to the side a little so that one of the lips of her ***** was showing. She finally turned so that she was facing right at him and leaned back and spread her legs a bit giving him a show. I leaned over and tapped him and pointed toward her letting him know what was showing. He looked at me and smiled and we sat there talking while she layed back enjoying it giving us a little show. We stayed in there a bit then the guy got up and said he needed to cool off and left and my wife looked at me and said did he see anything. I told her yeah i pointed it out to him and she said good and said i told a couple girls in the pool to keep an eye on you that she thought she saw my **** hanging out of my shorts. We talked a minute more and i asked her arent they a little young and she said there old enough to know and im sure they have probably got boy friends and have done it already with them. I said ok and then said i had to get out for a bit it was getting to hot in here. I stood up and my wife looked at my crotch and she said are you going to show them. I told her i would have to see, if i got the chance and see how many people were around. I left and went out and the pool had cleared out a lot and jumped in the pool and cooled off real fast. I looked around while swimming for the girls my wife had talked to and didnt see them around so i swam a bit and then grabbed my towel and went back in and told the wife they werent around so i guess they wont get a show. My wife looked disappointed and said i guess i'll have to find someone else to tell. I sat back down across from my wife and looked down at her and she spread her legs wide open and had her bottoms pulled over to the side with her ***** completely exposed and said i was going to play if that guy came back in. She covered herself up and looked at me and said open yours legs and let me see, then said move your shorts to the side a little more. I shifted around a little and she looked and said thats much better then got up and went back out and said just wait here incase i find someone to tell. I sat there waiting and didnt figure she would find anyone since it was mostly couples and a few young kids in there and then got an idea and figured i would have some fun with the wife anyway and slid my shorts off and balled them up next to me then wrapped the towel around me and moved up onto the top bench and sat back down. I was sitting there relaxing and saw the door open and looked over expecting it to be my wife and was surprised when i saw it was the two girls my wife had talked to earlier. They came in laughing and talking to eachother and came and sat down across from me on the bottom bench. I was sitting there leaning back with my legs closed and they sat there talking to eachother and would occasionally look over at me. A couple minutes after they came in my wife came in and sat down on the bench above them and leaned back to relax and enjoy. She looked at me funny when she saw me sitting there with my towel wrapped around me and when she couldnt she mouthed to me to take it off so that they could see. I just smiled and ignored her then opened me legs a bit to let her see that i didnt even have my shorts on. Her eyes got wide and she smiled and mouthed to me to open my legs for them. I smiled and leaned back and closed my eyes almost all the way and opened my legs wider and the towel fell open a bit hanging down on the side of my legs leaving me almost completely uncovered. The two girls were talking to eachother and hadnt noticed and my wife leaned forward and tapped one of them on the shoulder and nodded her head toward me and they both turned to look and i heard a gasp and then they started giggleing. I kept an eye on them thru the slit in mine and could see them looking and whispering to eachother and my wife just sitting there smiling looking at them and me. The longer i sat there letting them look the more i was enjoying it and my **** started getting hard and standing up. I was sitting there and could feel my **** hardening and knew it pointing straight at them and before i could move it popped up and stood at attention and i opened my eyes and looked and all three of them were staring right at me. I sat up and pulled the towel and tried to cover it up and before i got it covered my wife spoke up and said very nice, why dont you let us see that big ****. I looked at them and said sorry and said you just did. She said just for a second when it popped out then said theres only us in here come on let us see it, then looked at the two girls and said you wouldnt mind seeing it would you. They looked at eachother and said i guess not and the wife said see they dont care give us a look. I looked at her and she was smiling and i took the towel and pulled it up a bit to let them see and my wife said open it and give us a good look. I looked at her and then grabbed the towel and pulled it open completely and sat there letting them see, then thought i would give my wife the thrill she wanted and reached down and grabbed it and started stroking it for them. They sat there watching me and my wife spoke up and said oh yes play with it for us, let us see you make it ***. I looked at the two girls and they were just sitting ther wide eyed watching not saying a thing. I stood up and really started going to town on it and it only took a couple minutes and i leaned back a little and started ******* and shot out all over the floor in front of them. I kept stroking and shooting and my wife sat there saying yeah baby let us see all that *** you got. I looked over at my wife and she was sitting with her legs spread and had her bottoms pulled to the side and her fingers working in her *****. After i was done i stood there slowly stroking it and said yes play with yourself for us. The girls turned around to look and were sitting there with my wifes ***** only a couple feet right in front of there faces fingering herself. She started ******* and was so worked up when she came she started squirting and hit one of the girls with the first squirt. The girl jumped up and out of the way saying oh my god, my wife kept at it and started shaking and squirting so much she looked like she was peeing. The two girls got up and said you guys are nuts but stood ther watching till she was thru then turned around and left real fast. My wife layed back there a minute shaking., calming down and said that was fantastic. I pulled my shorts on and said we better get out of here in case they say something to some one. We got up and walked out and there was no one in the pool area and went back up to my room and layed down to relax. We layed there talking and my wife kissed me and said thank you baby that was wonderful. We fell asleep for awhile and when i woke up my wife was sitting there watching tv and said we should order a pizza for dinner. I said that was fine with me and she said you can answer the door when it comes and give the delivery girl a show. I asked what she meant and she said she went down to get a coke and saw someone had ordered a pizza and it was a girl that delivered it. My wife told me what place to call and they said it would be there in half an hour. She told me that a little before it came she was going to go next door to her room and wait for me to answer the door and let my towel fall off and she was going to come out of her room to go down to the coke machine and see if she could time it to see it. I said ok and my wife came over and started playing with my **** and said he needs to be nice and hard for her when she gets here. She kept playing with me and a little before the pizza was to be there she looked at me and said i bet thats the best tip she will get tonight them left and went to her room. I waited a bit and then heard a knock on the door and wrapped a towel around me and answered it. I opened the door wide open and stood there and took the pizza and gave the girl the money and just as i did my wife came out and i shifted a little and the towel fell off. They were both standing there looking at me and i said sorry and bent down and picked the towel up and held it in front of me. The girl counted out my change and went to hand it to me and i had the pizza in one hand and the towel in front of me to be covered up. So i reached out with the hand holding the towel to take it letting her have another look. She smiled and i said thank you and said oh wait heres and tip for you and held my hand out and told her to take five dollars. She took the five and looked down at my **** again and i just stayed uncovered and stepped back and pulled my foot over and closed the door. I waited a few minutes and heard a knock on the door and opened it and my wife came in and said boy did she love that. I asked how she knew and she said she walked down with her to the pop machine and said she turned around to me and said did you see the size of the **** of him. My wife said yeah and said the girl told her she gets guys doing that for her now and then but its been a long time since she has seen a nice big **** like that. She said thats the first time she had seen a guy that shaved it though. After we ate we spent most of the night making love and in the morning we got up and showered and my wife wrapped a towel around her and went next door to her room to get dressed. When we checked out we went outside and the car hop went to get our car but it wasnt the same guy it had been when we checked in. My had put on her sun dress and while we waited she leaned over to me and said im going to have a little fun with him and reached up and started undoing the top buttons of her dress. I looked at her and she had them undone all the way down to her stomach, I asked her how many she was going to undo and she said just one more and reached down and undid one at the bottom of her dress. I looked and there was only one button holding it closed right at her belly button and i said you may as well just have it wide open. She said ok and reached for the last button and i told no and she laughed and said awww. When the guy came around with the car i went around to get in and he came over to open the door for my wife. I got in and looked over and she was sitting like she was when she had gotten out and i looked down and her ***** was completely exposed up to her stomach and the top had fallen away leaving one of her **** completely uncovered. She smiled at me and sat there a minute showing the guy then pulled her leg in and reached down and undid the last button and pulled her dress open just as the guy closed the door for her. I rolled the window down on her side and leaned over and handed the guy a tip and he never took his eyes off her as i handed it to him. When i put the car in gear my wife smiled at him and blew him a kiss and we took off.
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May 24, 2012