Horny Mom

I've worn short skirts in malls,teased young guys in fast food places even had a guy and his friend watch me in a movie,that was fun i had a garter on and a coat nothing else. msg me for details!!!

my question is what other ways can i expose myself and where is a good place to buy see thru clothes? hubby also joins in. he likes me flashing boys and girls.
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the carwash works. vaccum your car with that very short skirt. and getting out of the car the gas pumps; parking opposite the pump someone is using they usually will watch you get out of the car, spread legs and skirt awry.

want to know more about he movie. go to a book store, sit in a chair and read and show yourself, move to another chair if necessary

Do wear panties?

Flashin fun.

You can flash us Truckers. That is always appreciated

Please do tell, love to see more, add me as a friend

Details would spice up this great story! Add pls

awesome story. wish i was at the movies. love to see women who enjoy flashing

Sounds like you are diving into some new experiences head first. Great fun - look forward to reading about some of your other escapades. My wife does some things but will not admit she likes it. Hope to get her to do more.