After Pool Fun

About a month after my wife and i spent the weekend watching my buddies daughter for them my buddy called us and asked us if we would be willing to do it again for them. I told him let me ask my wife and he said no problem just give him a call and let him know what she says. After my wife got home from work i told her and she said sure then said if we do could we have some more fun if we get a chance. I told her we shouldnt and she said why not you liked having her see us didnt you. I told her yeah but that was my buddies daughter i dont want to start any trouble between us. My wife said im sure if she would have said anything we would have heard about it by now and besides why would they be calling to have us watch her again if she had said anything. I said thats true but said i still wasnt sure about doing playing around. My wife said well if it happens it happens if not thats ok too. I told her maybe then and called my buddy and told him the wife said sure it was no problem. He said great and said that ever since they told their daughter they were going away she asked if we could be the ones that watched her. The weekend they wanted us to stay was a long weekend with us having monday off and he said why dont you come out early and we can all go out friday night to dinner and a show since their flight didnt leave till a little after noon on saturday. I told him it sounded good and said we will see you then. When i got off the phone i told my wife what he said and she looked at me and said i bet she wants us to stay so she can get a chance to watch us again. I said im not sure but it sure does sound like it.

When the weekend finally got there we packed up a few things and headed out to my buddies. When we got there we went in and got thanked from my buddy and his wife. We told them it was ok she was no problem at all. They thanked us again and said they really apperciated it since his wife didnt get many chances to go with him when he went away. We sat visiting for awhile and they asked if we were ready to go out for dinner. We said sure and started getting ready to take off and my wife asked where their daughter was and they said if would just be the four of us tonight that she was staying at a friends house for the night. We took off and went to a show then went for dinner and drinks. My buddy and i got pretty drunk and my buddies wife drove us home. As we were driving along the girls were talking and i heard my buddies wife tell mine that we must have made a big impression on their daughter. My wife asked why and she said that the minute we told her i was going to go with she asked us to give you a call and see if we would stay there with her. My wife said she was a good kid and that we had a lot of fun joking around and playing games while we were there and said it was out pleasure to stay with her. My wife said we didnt mind a bit and besides it gives you a chance to get away and enjoy yourselves too.

We got back and went in and sat drinking and talking and finally went to bed. When my wife and i got in our room she closed the door and we got undressed and got into bed. We layed there talking a while and my wife said i told you she liked watching us. She grabbed my **** and started playing with me and said are you going to be nice and let her see this beautiful **** again. I told her i would have to wait and see and eventually fell asleep. When i woke up in the morning my wife was up already and i was just laying there relaxing and waking up. I layed there for a bit and my wife came in the room and came over and sat on the bed next to me. She pulled the sheet off me and started rubbing her hand up and down my back waking me up. I woke up a bit more and rolled over on my back and she sat there running her hand over my chest and asked if i was awake enough. I told her yeah and she asked if it was ok if we had more company for the weekend. I asked who and she said that my buddies daughter called and wanted to know if it was ok if her girlfriend spent the weekend with her. I told her i guess so and she said good since i told her it was ok. We were in there talking and she said that my buddy went over to pick them up and said it was time for me to get up. I told i was that i was just waking up and was about to get up anyway. I got up and grabbed some clothes out of my bag and thru them on the bed. My wife was heading for the door and said they were out in the kitchen that coffee was ready. I told her ok i would be there in a couple minutes and stood there and started stretching. She opened the door to go out and stopped and turned around and said why dont you wear your shorts, its gorgeous out today. Just as she did the bathroom door opened and my buddies wife came out and stood there staring right at me. I put my hands down real fast to cover up but not before she saw me and my wife turned around and saw her standing there. My buddies wife said im sorry and my wife just looked at her then back at me and said looks like you have good timing then laughed. I told her to close the door and she went out and closed it and i heard them laughing as they went down the hall.

I went and cleaned up and dressed and went into the kitchen for coffee and my buddies wife apologized and i said it wasnt her fault. Nothing more was said about it and we sat drinking coffee till my buddy got back. They introduced us to their daughters friend and told them both to be good while they were gone. I helped my buddy carry their bags out to the car and when we were thru they thanked us again and took off. The girls went down in the den to watch tv and the wife and i sat in the kitchen talking. My wife smiled at me and said im getting good at getting you seen. I asked if she planned that and she said no she had no idea she was in there but it sure worked out good. I said you enjoyed that didnt you and she said of course you know i like when you get seen its just too bad you didnt stand there uncovered for her. I got up to get another cup of coffee and said why she saw me anyway. I asked if she said anything and my wife came over for another cup and said, she says you sure are hung. I was standing there pouring our coffee and my wife grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my knees and said now wouldnt it have been more fun if you would have just stood there letting her see you like this. I put the pot down and pulled them back up and said what if the kids came up. My wife smiled and said what if they do they want to see it thats why she wants us to stay with her. I told her maybe so but catching us last time like she did looks accidental if i was standing here like that now what would we say. She smiled and said we can just tell them we want them to see your beautiful ****. I told her yeah right that would go over real good. The rest of the day went along normal.

That evening we had dinner and then later my wife asked the girls if they wanted to watch some movies she had brought along. They said ok and the wife told them to go get cleaned up and put their pajama's on. They did and we all went down to the den to watch them. We were about halfway thru the first movie and my wife got up and said she would be back in a bit she was going to get comfortable. I wasnt paying much attention to the movie and sat on the couch reading a book. After a few minutes my wife called down and asked if we wanted some popcorn. The girls said yeah and my wife made some and in a bit came down with it. When she came down i looked up and was a little shocked because she had put on one of my muscle shirts that was way too big for her and almost too short. The stairs were to the side of the couch and as she came down the steps her ***** was visible to me. She smiled and walked by and went over to the girls who were laying on the floor in front of the couch and stood next to them then squatted down to give them the popcorn. I could tell by the look on the girls faces they both saw her *****. She came over and sat down on the couch next to me and i leaned over and whispered to her and said they can see right up that shirt. She said i know but they have the same thing whats the big deal. She sat there eating her popcorn and watching the movie and i went back to reading my book. After she finished it she asked the girls if they were done and they said yeah and she got up and went over and got their bowl and stood there talking to them letting them see her ***** for a minute. She took the bowls upstairs and i looked as she went up and enjoyed the view of her *** as she went up. When she came back down i looked up at her again and she was playing around and pulled the arm holes together over her chest so her **** were hanging out. Just before she got to where they could see she let them go and came over and sat back down on the couch next to me.

She sat watching the movie for a bit them had me move my arm and layed down in my lap. I looked down at her and the arm hole over one *** had moved and half her *** was showing. I went to pull it back up to cover her and she slapped my hand so i figured if she wanted them to see her and that was fine with me. They watched the movie and i sat there reading and in a bit i felt my wife running her hand up and down my thigh. I didnt think anything of it and just kept reading and after a couple minutes she started pulling my leg toward her. I knew what she wanted and kept them together and she looked up at me and whispered just a little bit. I finally gave in and opened them a little and she lifted her head and adjusted the leg of them so that my **** could be seen if they looked. She kept rubbing my leg and lifted her head and pushed the leg up a bit more and i stopped her and said thats far enough. I moved her head and looked and the head of my **** was hanging out showing. She quit and layed her head back down and started watching the movie again. I read a bit longer and started getting tired and layed the book down to watch the movie. I watched for a bit and wound up falling asleep. I dont know how long i slept but woke up and looked down and my **** was all the way out of my shorts and my wife was laying on her back with one *** hanging out of the arm and her legs spread wide opened and the shirt pulled up around her stomach. I looked over and my buddies daughter was laying there watching the movie but her girlfriend was gone. I was about to cover us back up and heard the toilet flush and knew she would be coming back down. I figured we had already been seen and since my wife wanted them to see what the hell. I opened my legs a little farther and layed my head back like i was still asleep. In just a minute her girlfriend came back down and i had my eyes opened just a bit to see. She stopped when she got to bottom of the stairs and stood there looking at us then went over and layed down. She whispered something to my buddies daughter and they both turned around looking at us. They went back to watching the movie but would keep turning around looking back at us.

We layed there like that for a bit then i figured that it was enough and went to cover up and reached for the leg of my shorts. When i did my wife grabbed my hand and pushed it away and i looked at her and she shook her head no. She winked at me and mouthed let them see it a little longer. I just looked at her and she smiled and whispered slide down some. I didnt know what she meant at first and she pushed her hand on me and wanted me to slide down so my *** was on the edge of the couch. I did and when i did my shorts pulled up tight against me and left my **** and balls hanging completely out off the end of the couch. My wife shifted and hung one leg up on the back of the couch and pulled her shirt up to just below her **** then made a noise so that they would turn around and notice. I looked at them thru the slit in my eyes and both of them turned around looking. They sat there looking and knowing they were seeing us my **** started wakeing. We let them look for a bit then when they turned around i pretended like i woke up and covered up before my **** got completely hard. My wife looked at me and was a little dissapointed and i reached over and covered her up and said lets go upstairs. We made some noise like we were just wakeing up and everything was normal and sat up. My wife asked the girls if they were enjoying the movie and they turned around and looked at us and said yeah. My wife said we were going to go upstairs before we fell asleep down here. The girls said ok and we told them after the movie was over they should get to bed too. They said ok and we got up and went upstairs.

When we got upstairs my wife asked why i wanted to come up. I told her if i wouldnt have my **** was going to be standing up any minute. She smiled and said you should have let it then they would have gotten a real good look. I told her the way i was hanging out of my shorts they got a good look. She said i know you should have seen them when they first saw you hanging out. I asked her how long i was hanging out showing them and she said a little more than an hour now. I asked her how long she was showing them and she said after she saw me asleep she got me out of my shorts then fixed her shirt and acted like she was asleep. I said you were awake the whole time and she said of course that was the whole idea to pretend to be asleep and let them see us. She said didnt you enjoy it and i told her after i woke up and saw i was hanging out i was going to cover up but then figured since they had seen us anyway it was too late and i may as well enjoy it. She said then you did enjoy it and i said yeah and asked her if she did. She grabbed my hand and stuck it between her legs and said does this answer your question. She was soaked and said want to give them a good show. I asked her if she thought we should and she said why not thats why she wanted us to stay here and its fun having somebody watch us isnt it. I told her yeah and she said lets do it for them then, otherwise im going to have to go downstairs like this and just start doing myself for them. I said you wouldnt and she looked at me and went over and opened the door and said just watch me. I said your serious arent you and she said yeah im so horny right now it wouldnt bother me one bit. She said it was so fun having them see us i wanted to take off my shirt and lay there nude for them. I told her basically she was and she said i was close but like this would have really been a blast. I said that really excites you doesnt it, she smiled and said i would rather see you do it but since i know you cant its just as much fun letting them see me. I said true but you cant either and she said why not, were all girls. I said you wouldnt ( which i should have known better) she looked at me and said just watch me and opened the door and went out. I went out and said what are you going to do and she said im going to go down and get your book and our cigarettes. She went down and i stood up at the top of the stairs and listened. She went down and asked if they really like the movie and then said sorry i didnt feel like dressing to just come down for our cigarettes. She stayed down there talking to them for a little bit then said not too late and said we'll leave the door open a little if you need anything then came back up

To be continued
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Dec 3, 2012