Discreet Flasher

Well, as a man, I think I need to be more careful about flashing and public nudity than a woman does. Just because I would not want a woman to fear that she would be the victim of sexual violence - that's not on!

I have never flashed openly at a woman, but have often left myself exposed for people to look if they so desire - for example...

I often sunbathe naked in the back garden. The garden if fairly sheltered, but is also overlooked by a bridge that crosses a train line. At about 3pm, a number of people walk over the bridge to collect their kids from school - plenty of hot young mums! - so this is prime time for me...

In the hot weather I liberally apply sun cream and arouse myself to the point where I have a large but not fully upstanding ****, and lay back on the sunlounger with my big straw hat covering my face. 

I've been spotted many times and have heard reactions from 'Well, it's supposed to be good for the skin.' to 'Do you think he knows?' and even 'He's bigger than my Martin!'

Of course, I make sure I've put shorts on before they come back with their children. (I'm not against nudity in front of youngsters, in fact nudity is very natural, but some are not comfortable with it, and as it's a sexual thing for me, I do NOT want children to see!)

Bye for now,

Silver (wishing for the sun to come out in the UK again!!)

silvercowboy silvercowboy
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Have you ever set up a camera to watch them watching you??<br />
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That could be exciting!!!<br />
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