Solution: Cupcakes

I started baking birthday cakes for people in a small office. Most of my co-workers were in their first job, far away from home, and birthdays could be rather lonely times for them. So I gave them a choice of birthday cake, which would be cut and served in the office.

Suddenly, we moved into a bigger office with many, many more employees, and I saw a way to get to know our new co-workers -- we shared our birthday cakes with them, and included them in the "choose your cake" list. But for so many people, how could I cake, cut, and serve?

The solution was cupcakes -- single serving, no cutting needed. I bring the frosting separately and pipe it on at the office. It's all hyper-appreciated by most people. It's a lot more baking than I used to, but it's just as satisfying as when we were a small office. That's a big part of why I enjoy cooking.
auroramaru auroramaru
46-50, F
Jul 18, 2010