I just love cooking.It is fun and am always on the look out for new recipes through magazines, cookery books, internet and so forth.  Sometimes back i decided to start a cookery class amongst women, girls and even bachelors, i put up posters to advertise myself.just wanted to do it from the comfort of my home.But before i started i wanted to test myself first if i can really do it.  So because there was a group of merry go round coming to my house i decided to cook the for them and esp. the recipes that i wanted to train people. I bought all the spices that i needed and made the following food: i made deep fried potatoes by boiling a little then marinated with beaten eggs, breadcrumbs and dipped oil, made spiced chapatis by mixing the dough with finely chopped bulb onions with dhania and carrots, chicken stew with fresh spices, steamed cabbages kachumbari, mixed salad and added salad cream, made thick soup separately by using knorr soup spices. I also made some 'mushkaki'  (this was roasted meat cut into small pieces,marinated into spices then pan fried a bit with little oil and then skewed into long slender sticks) and so on and so on.  Anyway i cannot say it was perfect but when these people arrived and ate, they were like its yummy, oh you are chief chef, oh you need to start this training, bla.. bla.. bla..To me it was a great experience 
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Way to go, girl!