I Wanna Go Back!


I enjoy cooking when I have someone special in my life. I don’t like to cook for myself and when I am by myself it is easy for me. I will normally grab a fruit or veggie and just eat it raw.  When I have someone special in my life I cook constantly. I think I do this because I grew up in a family that was always eating family dinners together. I miss this in my life and I wish I could go back and change some things so that I could regain this part of my life.

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You sound like my girlfriend. She just loves to cook for me. Cooking and eating together are two of our favorite activities after going out to eat!

when my father in law died my mother in law stopped cooking and just had the odd snack. we bought her a microwave and she then cooked meals once a week then froze them. once she got used to this she returned to eating proper meals as she had done previously

I like cooking too, but i would seriously hate to do it 3 times a day every day for myself.

Gosh I have really been out of it and missed sweets and Silver's comments. <br />
<br />
Sweet, I don't eat enough to make it worth the effort but if you would like to come for dinner please let me know.<br />
<br />
Silver, I will make you some cookies and overnight them to you if you really want some.

can you make me some cookies please?

You should cook a nice meal every now and then, just for you and have the leftovers to take the work :)

not at all darling.

Well I would but I think that Bass is gonna cok for all of us but he said dessert is a private thing so this will be a byod dinner. lol

LOL... we are the bobsie twins!!! You know that lol

LOL yes I bet you can lol and I bet you do lol

I can imagine-lol

If you only knew darling.

MMMM - delish :)

You can count on having some juicy fruit if she is staying for dessert.

Sounds yummy.

MMMM FG for dessert even better! LOL


MMMM Bass!

Born in Montreal Quebec, I now live in southern Ontario. Proud Canadian through and through.

Some things are best when they are one on one :)

One on One huh???? Dessert????? HMMMMMM you don't want to share dessert with everyone.

Well I like to cook for an appreciative group too so I suppose others can come but dessert is definitely different when it's one on one-lol

HEHE Bass!!! She did say please afterall!!! Actually she is closer to you than me distance wise. lol

Well see this is Bass's special dinner plans so we have to ask him... Bass can other's join us please? teehee

MMM strawberries and whipped cream...grilled asparagus... juicy oranges...grilled chicken with orange glaze..chocolate cheesecake.... these are a few of my most sensual favorites. Gosh I am either hungry or in deep need right now. Geeash thanks Bass.

Food can be very sensual. I love to cook for an appreciative woman. Great food is one of the best parts of life.....

Mother, I know this is not what you mean but I am thinking of the Gerber baby food commercial right now where they say that their food is made with "easy to digest protein." Do you still cook like you did before having the newborn in the house?


I know. I'm a good bad boy though...

U r sooooo bad Chris and that is one fo the reasons I love you soooo much. My whiteboard would be so boring without y'all!

BTW, what is cooked foof. It kinda sounds like what I was implying... LOL

You have to watch what you say around me. I can twist things around quicker than sh*t. LOL

Geesh I set you up for that one!! Of course the cooked foof Chris LOL.. You are too funny.

You are referring to the cooked food right??? : P

Well funny thing is that I love cooking as long as someone else will eat it for me.

What I like even more is eating... : )

I love food & cooking too....as long as someone else doing it.

MMM delicious!

right on girlfriend!

Sounds like a match made in heaven Silver.

This is a nice story. You love to cook and I love to eat! PERFECT!

BDJ, What are you going to fix me when I get there? MMM

Celainn, Come on over and I will cook for you.

I can't wait for summer. Grilling. I loved grilled food as well.

MMM life is so much better with that in it. I want to reach out and hug you PDF.... You are such a precious person.