So Ethereal

I went walking in the forest yesterday. The forest was an hours drive from our place. There were so many people hiking on the made designated tracks. It was a sunny day yesterday which explained why there were so many people. Then we went walking by a river near the center of town. We took my daughter's dog a border collie. She, I mean the dog, enjoyed her freedom, her romping in the shallow river and the snaking track. We all enjoyed it too. 

When I was in that kind of setting, it gave me a feeling so ethereal. While staring at the clear water through which I can see the rocks below and while listening to the mild rapids, it gave me a realization that there were "other things" that mattered in this world, something that seemed not of this world.
Ninio Ninio
51-55, F
3 Responses Sep 26, 2011

Getting away from the humdrum and madness is something I treasure. The setting you described is exactly what we need to unravel our sometimes tangled minds.

Oh wow, sounds like a dream. I love being outside with nature!

Hi Ninio, I know exactly what you mean, sometimes the most basic things in life are the best such as nature and tranquility. <br />
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There is a lot of cyncism re spirituality, but it does exist our ancestors were much more in tune with this side of life, but only because they had less material possesions.