Baking Is My Passion!

I am a Pastry Chef. There is nothing else I love more than creating new desserts. Even when am not at work I find myself in my kitchen at home trying new recipes.......I love love love baking!
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2 Responses Oct 31, 2011

When making the dough don't over mix, as soon as all the ingredients are incorporated take out of the mixer and use your finger tips to further bring it in, form in to balls. And cling wrap, chill for a bit before using,it will be more manageable and flaky....also when rolling out the dough try doing it in one direction,and don't turn over and roll,this will harden the dough....good luck .....let me know if you see a difference. Happy Baking!!!

Thank you so much for the advice. I suspect I have been mixing it too long and all the air has been knocked out of it. That used to be my problem with cakes. I will try it this weekend, David xx

I love pastry and often make pies but I always seem to overwork the dough and when it is baked it is too hard. Any ideas as pastry chef?