Euphoric Cuisine Orgasmic Pleasure…Exquisite Pleasure and Immense Enjoyment

To say I love food and cooking is like asking if the sky blue? My love of cooking is as my title says an euphoric orgasmic pleasure….that is what cooking and food is for me. Cooking is yet another one of my creative outlets that as it turns out I love.

Ironic as it is, my love of cooking was not something I grew up feeling or experiencing because I was the girl who said she was getting a cook, a maid, a chauffeur, and a housekeeper. Sterling, VA is where my love of cooking was discovered. City of Alexandria, VA is where it blossomed and Fairfax, VA is where I got my burn on and the creative juices just flowed like after an intense ******.

Who knew that cooking and food, at least for me would be so euphoric…a truly orgasmic pleasure, the pleasure derived from the entire experience start to finish. Knowing that someone is savoring, enjoying my food…my cuisine is a true turn on for a foodie like me. Pleasure from a meal…one of my meals is akin to that of a submissive's pleasure knowing that they have satisfied their dom.

 From start to finish, cooking for me is like foreplay….with the preparation being the foreplay. Playing with your food getting it ready to be cooked..penetrated and finally devoured and savored the way a dom plays, taunts, and teases their submissive.

Yes, for those who love food and cooking…really and truly love and enjoy this craft understand how it is and can be like making love to a lover. The slow sensual burn…the erotic foreplay of preparation, the relishing of something so exquisite which ends in the most intense sublime orgasmic oral pleasure one has ever experienced….oral pleasure that equates with abdominal gratification akin only to genital  contentment. 
Caramelicious Caramelicious
36-40, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2011

Wow, you're tempting me to take up cooking, for sure! :)