You Will Thank And Praise Me For This.......i Promise!

Every year when President's day and Valentine's day approaches, I pull out my secret , pretend this is homemade yummy!


You will need three(3) !!!!!!! Ingredients :

1 box of white or yellow cake mix. ( it works best with no pudding in the mix, but these seem to be harder and harder to find...)

A cube of room temp. Butter. ( if you use margarine, you can't be my friend...I'm just sayin.)

1 can of cherry pie filling..or 2 cans if you wish....

Nuts of your choice ...a good amount....I use chopped almonds

Ok, I realize you need 4 bad!


In a 9 by 13 baking dish ( oh, here's the hard part....spray with a little "Pam" ). Oh, turn your oven to about 375*. Spread cherries in the baking dish., kinda evenly. Dump cake mix into a big bowl. Hide box and can! Put a pinch of cake mix on your face to play the part. Now,the cube of BUTTER (don't let me down...) goes in with the mix. The goal here is to mix the two throughly.try fork or spoon, then resort to clean hands. Add nuts, or don't. Be sure to incorporate the nuts into the dough. Take a break now! Form the dough into rough chunk blobs about the size of a ......1/2 egg and one by one gently arrange the dough clumps on top of cherries, the goal is to mostly cover the filling. Put in oven approx 20 min. Keep checking , you don't want the dough blobs to get so hot they become rich cake...but it doesn't exactly ruin your creation. Time to call a friend and gossip.

This never fails...even if the butter is too soft. When you are collecting compliments, just graciously say "thank you, but the dog ate my recipe. " sometimes I decorate the top with cut up maricino cherries, but then the adoration becomes a bit gaggy. Whipped cream or Icecream puts this over the top.

Let this remain our secret! Not all are worthy! Xox

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Still a winner. mini wipes her cherry stained chin with Kathis sleeve. LOL

Mmmmm. I should post my recipe for Pumpkin Perfect. I haven't made a pumpkin pie in years because I make Pumpkin Perfect. I bet you are a pie baker, mini. Thanks for finding this story again.

Looks yummy :)

Hahaha. You look so, ummmm..... Eastery. I love your new dress. Now get busy and make this cherry crunch to take to your "meeting" tonight!

Pssssst.... Ask her if her dress is flame retardant...

Well look who showed up on a dessert story! Odd.....

getting desperate after a year... :)

* bows down to Slyph*

What meeting?

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Not to sound like the town idiot, but what constitutes a "cube" of butter. Tblsp, 2 tblsp? You know I gotta try this.

Hahahahahaha ! You are so ( excuse this ) cute! Oh, stop blushing now. A " cube " of butter is a " stick" of butter, also half a cup. Oooh, I gotta make this now that LG pulled it up from the ancient archives.

Must be the in the middle we say "stick"...see right here in the Idaho to English dictionary. And since you called me "cute", I'll add this pedantic little bit: it ain't a cube unless all 3 dimensions are equal. HAH!

Butt ...... ( decircles ) that'll show him.... Cube my a

Hmmph...fine. Hey Bookie, we know what we're doin', right? I think I got a dodecahedron of butter around here somewhere.

I could sooooo pat your bummie right now...... LMflatAO !

Hahahha .... The others can stick it!

I wouldn't have known what a cube was either...... thanks......... that was the only thing keeping me from making this :( LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Are you freakin kidding me??? Seriously, gram always called it a "cube" of butter. I thought that was "common." Thought wrong.....

I'm sure it is common in Idaho... *whispers to the camera in true Kevin Spacy style*... "not" LOLOLOLOLOL. No really *rolls eyes at camera* I'm certain "cube" is a "Crocker-ism" or a "Childs-ism" ... right?

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OOOHHH thank you for sharing your secret recipe, Kat! I am going to try this next week. My kids are my valentines and they will LOVE this!!

I just came home from the market with ingred. So I will be prepared for the valentine love fest! Yes, your kids will love you even more! LOL

P.s. WARNING! Poster will not be held responsible for injuries sustained from excessive hugging, kissing, or other displays of affection. DO try this at home......