Would Anyone Know Where To Find These Ingredients?

Ever since my cooking adventures began a few summers ago, with a simple pizza dough recipe turned best seller, I've been trying more and more types of recipes, varying in regional cuisine, tastes, and sometimes even health conscious ones... Okay, a lot of health conscious ones. I adore using vegetables!

But some of those have been put on hold. Why, you ask? In order to pull something off, you need all of the ingredients. I've had to either give up on or reconsider trying certain recipes because of how hard it can be to find ingredients for them, which always disappoints me.

Would anyone be so kind as to advise me in locating:

-Yellow pear tomatoes
-Pecorino peppato cheese
-Fruit flavored drink syrup
-Sichuan peppercorns
-Wild boar meat
-Tomato flavored tortellini
-Progresso brand name fava beans (They no longer carry it in my supermarket)
-Fruit puree

If so, then I will be forever grateful to you! :3
PeachCobbler09 PeachCobbler09
18-21, F
May 3, 2012