My Ode Entitled Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food
Baguettes, chips and pasties
Most of it quite nasty
The last of my addictions
A need not a wants thing
So it gets well confusing

May I suggest:Only choose
Things to eat: High vibration food
Doesn't take a big imagination
To work out food in low vibration
Don't give it any incision

Meat is also not good
And no way high vibration food
Slaughter houses just abuse
Cattle, pigs, sheep and ewe
Unhappy meat makes an unhappy you

Food effects your brain
And lowers it’s vibration
Using its power of processing
For food instead of thinking

And are you hungry or starving?
Humans like that; over a BILLION
Unused calories just puts weight on
Overeating is a waste of bacon
Just more work for the Andrex salesman
Only in western nations

Cos people in the east have to squat
People in the west: Longer drops
Proven bad for you: Toilet seats
Would love to see someone of 20 stone
Squat instead of using a throne

Food is an addiction, not a disease
i should know, it effects me
It’s the last piece of my ego
But I’m determined to let it go
Will drop it and flush soon you know
41-45, M
Dec 16, 2012