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I'm A Newbie Cook But I Am Crazy About Good Food And Wine

I decided to learn to cook as a new year resolution for 2011. I'm in my 40's and never learned proper cooking although I've been to more than my share of good restaurants. Since then, I have constantly set off my smoke detector, cut myself several times handling a kitchen knife, discovered kitchen gadgets like the garlic press and potato ricer, and hosted countless dinner parties for courageous friends to whom i served:

- beef bourgignon,
- lamb racks, shanks, loin chops
- smoked ribs
- pork shoulder, belly, loin chops
- charcoal grilled steaks, lobster, corn, salmon, shrimp
- steamed mussels, clams, fish
- double cooked french fries, fried chicken, fish n chips
- risottos, pastas & sauces, pizza
- wok fried rice, ho fun, ginger beef, shrimp
- Indonesian rissoles
- tacos, guacamoles, salsas

Learning to cook has become one of my favorite obsessions. I have read books from Thomas Keller, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Grace Young, Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, and the library has been a blessing.

There is nothing more satisfying then serving restaurant-quality food, and pouring great French or Italian wines, for my family and friends.
rickleester rickleester 41-45, M Jan 10, 2013

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