How I Became A Sissy **** Sucker

My how things change. When my wife Lisa and I got married 20 years ago we had a great sex life. The kind most people only dream about. In spite of my good fortune of having such a beautiful and horney wife, I had my share of girlfriends and one night stands in those early years. All my life I have been so attracted to everything about women. If you would have asked me then if I had any desires to be with a man, the answer was NO WAY! Look at me now. Here’s how I became a sissy **** sucker.
When my wife quite being interested in sex a couple years ago I started going to the adult arcades on my way home from work. At first I went just to get a blow job through the glory hole and release some frustrations. I tried not to think about the fact that the lips on my **** where a man’s lips. Then one day after sucking my ****, the man on the other side of the wall wanted me to return the favor. He stuck his **** through the hole and it looked so big and beautiful. It was much larger than my 7”. And his shaved balls were easily double the size of my little guys. I was starting to figure this day would eventually come, now that I was going to the arcades 3 or 4 times a week. So I dropped down on my knees and started performing my duty.
I didn’t really know how to go about sucking a **** especially such a large one. But I know what I like so I sucked on it taking as much of it in to my mouth as I could. When I needed to catch my breath I would snake my tongue around the tip or lick it up and down the side like a Popsicle. I finally started getting a rhythm down and he was starting to groan and breathe hard so I knew I was on the right track. I so wanted him to ***! I wanted to please this man like so many women had pleased me in the past. Then I felt his **** start twitching and I knew he was going to explode. He tried to pull away but I held on and he erupted in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but there was so much that it started running down my chin. He zipped his pants and quickly left.
Not me. I was so proud of myself. I had sucked my first **** and I was good at it. I stayed in that booth and sucked three more dicks. None of them a big and beautiful as the 1st one but I made them all ***. Four ******** I thought to myself “How nice to be a woman”. Women don’t have to get hard and perform They just have to please and what a wonderful feeling it was to please. I felt womanly.
I made up my mind that the more womanly I felt the more fun **** sucking would be.
So the next morning I shaved my legs in the shower. They looked so smooth and sexy as I rubbed my wife’s baby lotion on them. Then I saw a bottle of pink nail polish on the counter. It was like I did not have control over my actions. When I was done I looked down at my pretty painted toes and smooth legs and my **** instantly sprang to attention. I then went to my wife’s panty drawer and borrowed a pink thong which I wore under my work cloths. I stayed aroused all day just thinking about it. What seemed to turn me on the most was thinking about getting caught. I wondered if when I bent over at the drinking fountain if my thong was visible and if anyone noticed.
Over the next couple months I started buying my own lingerie. I would go to Victoria’s Secret and say I was shopping for a present for my wife. Every time I went back to the arcade I was wearing another article of women’s clothing. I did not want ******** anymore. I just wanted to give them. When I wasn’t at the arcade I would stay up late and show my body from the neck down on webcam in chat rooms. I found some size 14 open toed 6” pumps on the internet and I love to show my legs and heels off on cam. Men would worship my body especially my feet in chartrooms. So I bought a gold anklet and some girly toe rings. However there was always one guy that would want to see my face (men are so pushy). I knew a wig and make up were the next phase in my feminized development.
So the very next day I told my wife I was sick and after she left for work I started working on my make up skills. I grabbed one of my old penthouse magazines and tried to duplicate how those models looked. With a little help from you tube tutorials I finally got it. But was I attractive? I put on my newest mini skirt and padded bra and went on webcam. Even though I thought I looked like a guy in drag I was well received in the chartroom. At one point I had 46 male viewers watching me. They tell me I’m sexy and how hard I make them. Some get on cam and stroke themselves while requesting different poses from me. I loved it.
At the adult arcade I was enjoying my new found self too. I would enter as dressed as possible and put my make up on once inside. Sometimes I would stop and buy acrylic French manicured nails and glue them on. They really look sexy as I stroke them up and down a ****.
Then one night while I was driving around and applying mascara I saw an arcade with a theater. I pulled in the parking lot, pulled off my pants pulled up a skirt slipped on my heels and went inside. My heart was racing. Well to make a long story short I frenched kissed 2 handsome young men was felt up and used by several men over the next two hours that I was there. And I loved every minute of it.
However I did not do a very good job of removing my eye make up on the drive home.
When I got there at 2:00am I must have looked like a *****. My wife was waiting up for me convinced that I had a girlfriend or something. She immediately noticed the makeup. Since she never had waited up for me I was definitely busted. I still had the acrylic nails on my right hand and I was barefoot sporting a nice slutty red polish on my toes, anklet toe ring you know, standard girly apparel.
I had no choice but to tell her that I had developed an obsession with dressing as a woman. She was totally shocked and relived at he same time. Then she asked where I had been. I told her that I had gone to an adult theater. I did not tell her that I go there to suck ***** though. I did not want her to faint. She did not ask. But you will never believe what happened next.

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Damn baby ,that is HOT. Now what happened next??????

Somewhere in EP land is part 2. friend me and you will find it on my profile page.

You need to pick up a manly man. He will take you to a hotel and pay for it. When he gets you to his room he will bend you over and pull up your pink leather mini skirt and **** you like the ***** you are.

This story is soooo kinky! It made me shoot my load baby! Thanks mmmmmm xxxxx

Thanks this story is 100% true it all really happened. Part 2 however is fantasy.

Fabulous sweetie