More Then He Bargained For

Let me start by saying that I love my husband , and that I became his strap-on mistress after he was caught online by my friend viewing domination **** with her husband.
Early on it was obvious to me that he was embarrassed at his own enjoyment of being dominated. He loved it when I punished him, when I sat on top of him and slapped him around, when I tied him up, cuffed him, or blindfolded him. At first he would re-claim he masculinity as soon as he left the bedroom. It was later, much later, that he began to submit to me outside the bedroom.  That began a life of dressing him up, forcing him to wear bras panties dresses and skirts with blouses  stockings and even breast forms... at first only at night, and then during the day, too, and finally, from the minute he stepped in the door. Now he is adorable in his apron and his high heels, working around the kitchen, cooking dinner and a baking pie for our dessert tonight. ...
Fred was always going next door and hanging out at my next door neighbor's house, and this was becoming more and more annoying because every time he came back he would go into his office, shut the door, and stay in there for hours. Finally I called up Beffany next door and asked her what Fred was doing over there she said she didn't know as Larry and Fred would go into the den and shut the door. She said the next time Fred came over she would try and find out what they were up to..
A couple of days later, she said, Fred had come over and as usual they had gone into the den. The day before she had cleaned the den and had opened the window slightly and adjusted the curtain so she could see and hear from outside. Beffany got the surprise of her life. When she called to tell me what they were up to I was shocked and first. Fred and Larry were online reading about being dominated!
Needless to say, by the time I got off the phone I was livid. When Fred came home that day, I told him that I knew everything. Fred never said a word, he just stood there with his head down and a sad pathetic look on his face. I slapped him and hit him and vented out my anger for over an hour. Now I had always been bossy, and strong willed, and as I was venting I realized I wasn't angry about him being curious, I was angry that he hadn't told me he was interested in being dominated. I told him he was not allowed to go to Larry to view this kind of stuff, if he was really interested we would check it out together and experiment at home. He agreed with some relief I think, and even allowed me to dress him in a bra and panties.
Then after taking a few pictures of him in my bra and panties, and realizing he was quite turned on, we went online and I learned a lot about my husband's needs and desire very quickly. It seemed once I knew he wanted to be dominated the floor gate opened and he told me everything he fantasized about. After about three hours of talking and online surfing; I informed him that from now on things would be my way. We sort of made an agreement that night in that I began to accept my husband's submission, and he would obey my commands and rules. I decided to make use of his submissive nature and over the next few months he learned to do all the household chores, dress in female attire and as  my control over him grew, I became more and more aggressive and demanding, he seemed happy, but was continually sliding back into the old hubby which vexed me a great deal, as I was to a point where I wanted complete obedience.
I bought my first strap-on during this time and began to **** my sissy maid's *** almost daily and early on sometimes two or three times in a twenty four period..
I'll never forget the first time I wore it, the look on his face. He looked so dumb founded. it was like what are you going to do with that? Duh, I was going to **** you in the ***. What did he think? And I did just that!  I had already tied him to the bed and then I greased him up and just forced it in. He squealed like a girl, and begged me to stop, which I found very amusing!
Today our relationship is quite different from what it was when we first married. I am the mistress of the house and there are quite a few rules now. He is always required to cook, clean, shop and wear full female clothing around the house, and stockings or nylons, panties, garter belts when he is out  which I find it to be such a turn-on. I love to rub his *** in public and feel satin and lace. One of the amazements of our relationship is that I hated laundry, cooking and cleaning, but he seems to enjoy it, and sometimes I think it makes him horney. 
He is required to perform oral sex on me whenever I desire, both on my ***** and my ****.He submits to my strap-on regularly. He is not allowed to have normal intercourse with me, or **********. His release must come from being ****** by me, At first he came rarely, but now it is almost every time I **** him, and of course he has come to crave, and enjoy being the girl in bed. He is like riding a wild horse in bed, he pumps and pushes, and would agree to anything while I am inside him. I was amazed at the change in his personality, how obedient, submissive, loving, even needy he became, and how feminine he became once I started using the strap-on. Another plus is that I like him eating my *****, much better than him ******* me, and I know he loves to too and sucking my **** drives him out of control.
I collared him recently and pieced his ears the same day, he also signed an agreement witnessed by a couple of our friends (they are in a similar relationship)  that he would serve me without question, he also acknowledged that he was my personal property in that agreement. I don't force him to wear women's outer garments when in public, as by this photo you can see he is a big guy and makes a very ugly women, but he is a great maid, and a better ****.........  
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Ah yess the feeling of lace against a stiff one is unforgettable. Once you feel it you want more and more

I only wished to have meet someone le this in the past and more now but there are things that stand inbetween


My Wife/Mistress treats me the same way, just wish we had the couple friends that were into it, Mistress wants to find me a playmate.

Would you enjoy seeing your hubby humiliated with a real ****...attached to a real horny, dominant guy? I'll bet you'd really get off seeing him crawl between my legs and nuzzle my package around in my jeans. Then I'd have him unzip my jeans and fish my **** out and schmooz it....kissing, licking while I look down at him with a broad smirk. You can take the story from there. Just make sure it ends up with him choking on my stiff, slimy **** with a mouth full of warm, sticky *****.

Please let me be your maid servant or what ever you desire

That's one of the best,if not the best, forced fem story that I've ever read ! You truly are the perfect wife ! I bow to you my dear !

I am also a sissy guy and would like to be submissive and dominted by a female. Wish I could find a woman who will make me her slave as well as a sex slave to serve her. Dressed me in women clothes

Wow-you sound like the perfect wife to me!

My wife needs to read this one. I need to make sure to leave it somewhere that she can read it and then maybe... who knows?