Forced To Be A Girl

one time when I was in school some boys saw my panties somehow and after school they followed me and forced me behind some bushes and took down my pants so they could see the panties that I was wearing.  they then had me do things to them and told me I better be wearing a bra the next day or it would be worse for me.  I did wear one of my sisters bras the next day but it didn't get easier for me.  I was so embarassed and was treated as a girl by them often.
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yes she did and wasn't too happy about it and later went shopping and bought me 7 day week panties and a couple of bras. made me show her I was wearing them correctly by the day of the week, it was not too fun for me

It's good when a sissy is treated as you were when you were in school. Wearing panties shows your sissiness and being teased and used is what you should have expected. You were soooooo EMBARRASSED, weren't you?Love Noelle

looking back on it yea I was a sissy

So you adored every moment.!!!

not so much at the time. being taken advantage of in high school can be a real tramatic experience. trying to hide the bra was the hardest. straps over the shoulders and then around your back. if I bent over and my shirt tghtened up it was hard to not reveal it. and if someone bumped into me I never knew if they felt it.

that sounds like a lot of fun i wish that would happen to me