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Hateful Sister 2 Continued

She woke me again the next day with an arm full of underwear, she had even made me wear those panties at night now and much to my own confusion when i was finally getting to sleep i was having wet dreams. I could see her looking at me as i crawled out of bed, just seeing her was making my head buzz with so many different emotions now, fear being probably the biggest one, but somewhere somehow my captured maleness was also twinging. with a careful peep up at her i could see her looking at my sticky panties and a smile on her lips. Her voice was harsh though and I was sent to the bathroom to clean myself up and to get back to her quickly.
As was becoming the norm, i was so terrified of my big sister that i rushed and obeyed her in fear of her further anger, the clothes were laid out on the bed, please forgive my listing them but I am sure you will see how they made me feel when i saw them.
The Panties were obviously her old ones, but they were pink white and extremeley sheer a filmy fine material that clung but didnt hide. there was a training bra this was white the sort young girls wear, there was a white suspender belt with little pink flowers on the dangling suspenders, I didnt really have any idea what it was but i know now of course, tan stockings, a very short petticoat or slip (I had no idea of their proper names) this was white and like the previous one slippy satin material, that awful horrible short dress that i had been made to wear all this last week and a pair of heeled shoes (i was size 4 then, i am not that much bigger now, size 7, they were my mums shoes).
I dressed with her directing me, cajouling me and cursing me, my fingers all a tremble, my heart in my throat and those mixed emotions buzzing in my head. (I hated what i was doing, i hated putting these more and more obviously feminine clothes on, i was scared to death of her and yet my silly willy was being stupid and twitching like crazey and that upset and embarassed me even more)
Again she was behind me pushing as we went downstairs, Mum was there in the hallway wearing her coat a case beside her, she looked at my sister and addressed herself to her, she asked her if she was sure and my sister mysteriously said of couse it was the only way, then she turned to me. We have to take Mum to the station, those words turned me to jelly, i tried to tell her that i would run and change but oh no she wouldnt have it and her hand was raised to slap as she pushed me through the door out to her car. Mum and her sat in the front and I sat in the back on the way, cringed down trying to hide from view from anyone and everyone. We live in a very rural area and the station is quite rural too, Diana pulled the car to a stop outside and accross the small car park from the station building, she got out of the car, going round to the boot where she helped Mum take her case out. she looked towards me, asking why i wasnt going to say gooddbye to Mum. Bye Mum i mumbeld through the window still trying to make myself invisible, but oh no that wasnt good enough and my sister made that a real point telling me to get my lazey body out there to kiss Mum goodbye properly. I remember looking round fearfully to see if anyone was looking, the old cleaner was sweeping infornt of the station and nosily looking at the car. She had the door open now and I wriggled out trying to hide behind it and make myself look small. I kissed Mum and mumbled goodbye again, but as i was kissing her cheek i felt myself being pushed to one side and that last little security lost as the door shut.
I was so self conscious now, i couldnt look towards the man, i was trying to look away, my hands trying to pull the hem of my dress down as much as possible, they were taking so long to say goodbyes and talk and all the time i could feel the eyes of that cleaner boring into me. Eventually Mum went off to get her ticket and my sister told me to get in the front, i had the door open quicker than that, but then i realised that if i just jumped into the seat that man would get a real eyeful of my panties.. my bottom too because thay did little to conceal. I stood there for a few seconds in torment wondering what to do then swivelling round i carefully sat back on the seat frantically pull the hem of my dress down as i swung my legs in and again she was grinning in some sort of triumph.
This afternoon we are going to uncle Williams for tea, so you had better keep yourself clean and pretty for him, my face couldnt have been redder my heart couldnt have been beating harder my head screaming noo oh god noo and my stupid willy was twitching again.
Shall i carry on with our visit? i would hate it if i was boring you all with my silly memories.
Riche Riche 46-50, M 6 Responses Jul 15, 2010

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Oh you must!

oh yes please do carry on !!!!!

Please keep it coming. This is very interesting

more please

Yes, do go ahead - the visit to Uncle Williams sounds so much like something that happened to me I can't wait to compare.

Please continue Riche, I'm loving the story! I don't think there's any need to be shy about telling the sexual aspects since this part of the site is edited and people have to confirm they are adults.