Dressed Up By Wife

In the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, my wife expressed that she wanted a special day. She said I was to get her nothing for it, but that she had it all planned out. The day before, I came home from work to a wrapped box with a red bow and a note that said she was at the spa getting ready for our big day. I opened the box to find a very sexy satin panty with lace trim, matching bra, and a note saying, "For the woMAN I love." Now, she knows my love for the occasional panty wearing and crossdressing, and she thinks it's hot. Later that evening, the doorbell rang with a delivery of another package. It was addressed to me with a note saying it was from my secret lover. Opening it, I found a very sexy red silk nightie and another note saying, "For the woMAN I love," again. She arrived later and asked if I liked what I saw so far and of course, I did. She told me all I had to do was follow her directions the next day and she would get her wish. The next day, I awoke to her in the shower and proceeded to join her. We had shower sex and she told me I was to wait until later for my treats as she had a shopping trip planed for a few hours. After she left, I received a text message saying that I had a package waiting for me in the living room closet. I opened it to a very sexy pair of white thigh high stockings with a red garter belt and shiny red heels. Accompanying it was another note that read, "To the woMAN I love," once again. I started to get excited thinking that she wanted me dressed in all these things for her. As the day progressed, she came home and told me her desires. I went and got dressed in all the gifts and I felt great. As I walked into the candle lit room, she was waiting with a dozen red roses and wearing nothing but a red tie and matching six inch high heels. As she met me, I noticed she was completely shaved. She started to rub all over me and with having all the sexy clothes on; I almost lost it at that moment. We caressed each other and she whispered that she had one more surprise for me and disappeared to the hallway; only to return wearing a strap-on. I was kind of shocked, but she walked towards me saying, "This is for the woMAN I love." After a few minutes of very passionate foreplay, she proceeded to use it on me. It was amazing and while she was giving it to me really good, I said, "Now I know what you mean honey, wo MAN, this feels great." After it all, I am her special lover and she said she had the best Valentine's Day ever. Check out our profile for more about us.
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5 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Very hot story !!

Only in my dreams would this happen.

i want very much to be made a wo MAN. I love a butt plug in me.

very nice to read and co operative wife you have your lucky person good luck

Wow I loved this, if it is real you two are so lucky to be able to display your love in anyway you see fit, to feel open and not afraid to express your desires. Now that is love worth having.