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since years I have been reading stories about forced feminization and some years ago I had my pushy mother in law visiting us. She stayed like four weeks and when she left I had not only big problems with her but also a crisis with my wife which almost lead to our divorce. Well, that didn´t happen but it got my fantasy going and finally I took up the courage to write a story about forced feminization myself with my mother in law the center of the story. It quickly became a little series before I kind of ran out of steam. There are six of those stories and then over the last few years more got added with different characters but always feminization involved. They can be read in fictionmania.com where I am listed under the author name of Greta. So when you look for the author go for the G and in the archive you´ll find 14 stories of mine so far. If you like anything you come across reading please leave a comment.

thanks, hugs and kisses, Greta

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cant wait to read them

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Hi Juliette, I have seen comments by you on FM. You always write in rhyme form, don´t you? Why Lima? Do you have any relation with the town?

I write under the name Juliette Lima

Hi Juliette,<br />
which stories have you posted to FM? Are you listed under this nick Juliette2009 or a different one?

I also have some stories on FM, I'll look for yours.