Wife Takes Control

I had been crossdressing secretly for years when my wife began to figure out my fetish for wearing panties and other feminine lingerie. I loved to feel her silky panties during love making, one time she slipped them off and asked me to put them on "just for fun".  I couldn't believe it.  As she slipped them on and pulled them up, I was overwhelmed with complete submission and excitement.  She had the best sex ever as I submitted to her every desire.  She loved it.  Realizing how much it excited me, she got a bra and told me to hold my arms out straight. She slipped the bra straps of a lacey bra over my wrists, she walked behind me and slowly pulled it up tight to my chest and fastened it. Then she whispered "now you are dressed like a sissy should be dressed - Panties and a bra." She had me get on my knees and finish satisfiying her. I objected to not having been satisfied, but she told me firmly to stay in my panties and bra and get dressed, my turn would come later, if I was a good sissy.  This was the turning point of her recognizing her power over me through feminization and the start of a new submissive husband role.
Sissy916 Sissy916
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4 Responses Feb 5, 2011

I'm a cross dresser who is single but would quite be prepared to be dressed and used by Mistress/master for thier pleasure.

Its a Great feeling when the secrect comes out, all that guilt starts to drop away! Love KAthy

You a re a very lucky man and i hope it works for the two of you. It can become a very beautiful lifestyle

U can't beat the FEELING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie B.