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I used to enjoy the odd forced femme story, I got into them for the same reasons others do I think: being forced abdicates you of responsibility for being feminised, which you want to do but which carries a social stigma.

One of the best places for these stories is the role-playing site [url=http://www.lockedinlace.com/]Locked in Lace[/url], where you don't just read the stories, you take part in them and help write them. I started writing there five years ago ... and I cannot stop!
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Yes, I too like forced feminization stories, though the more sublime ones rather than the outright forced. Just found this site this week and quickly became a member.

Indeed, the BDSM relationship is often run by the submissive's needs', not the dominant's.<br />
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In the Locked-in-Lace site, I play several characters with different back-stories; this is relevant as when you roleplay, even when you play a very different character to yourself, you are still playing an aspect of yourself. Very few of my characters are outright resentful of their new position, and while most are submissive, they are not so without reservation.