Caught In Girl Friends Girl Friends Apartment

My girl friend & I were at her friends apartment & my girl friend said she had to run an errand & would be back in an hour or so & to make myself comfortable, her friend is really hot with a killer body, she was suppose to be at work, so I went to her bedroom & found some sexy underware & started to get very aroused so I ******** & put on the panties, garter belt & silk stockings & a pair of high heel shoes & was admiring my self in the mirror with a very big hard on sticking out of the panties when the door opened & there stood her girl friend! She looked at me & my big hard on & said well, well, Tom does Erica know about this, I said oh no, oh no, please don't tell her. Annie said well I think we can work something out, how about you will be my special sissy boy , I will dress you up in some very sexy things & you will be my servant for my girl friends when I have my little parties, I'm sure they will enjoy that big **** of yours, I know we will have a contest of ring toss, who ever gets two rings on your **** gets to use you for an hour and you can serve drinks, I think a bell on your **** will be a good way to let them know you are coming with the drinks. Oh, this is going to be so much fun, I want you here Saturday morning, I will have a little french maid outfit for you to wear, no panties of course, & be sure to shave your balls & ****, I have a girl friend coming over , she is from England & I know she will enjoy you too, oh, & bring a strap on *****, lotion & some vibrators. Do you understand me slave, yes mistress I do, just don't tell Erica about any of this please, I won't just as long as you do just as I say!! Oh, I am secretely really enjoying this role!!
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that has been my main fantasy since puberty i so want to be feminized and used by a woman and all of her friends<br />

I wanna hear about the party - sd

Wonderful story sweetie<br />
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Hugs<br />