well it all started when i was about 6 years old, but never caught till i was 12. I remember it well, I went to bed wearing one of my sisters nightie,s when i woke up in the morning it was 10am, i was never aloud to sleep in that late so i got up put my dressing gown on to go to the toilet, half way there my mum caught me. all i heard was stop there young man or should i say young lady. i froze and slowly turned round, now open your dress-in-grown. i did as i was told, wishing i had taken the nightie of.  i was then told to go down stairs for breakfest once i had gone in my sisters room and put the dress-in gown on that was on her bed and her slippers. I went down and thank god my sister and brother had gone out with our father, i was made to eat my food sitting at the kitchen table with the blinds open and yes it was in the front of the house. once i was done mum told me to do the dishs as i was dressed or i could go upstairs and change, i run upstairs to change, but when i run into my bedroom i saw one of my  sister,s dresses on my bed. i shouted down that i cant wear it and my mum said, you will wear it today and if i dont then she will tell my sister and brother what i was wearing in bed last night. so i got dressed in my sisters clothes, petticoat tights, knickers,shoes and a very pretty dress that i had worn loads of times before but never in front of anyone. i went back down stairs and quickly did the dishs, then i was told to hang out the washing, after 2 hours i was enjoying myself and i think my mum saw it too.I dont think she was happy about that. so young lady we need same milk and bread get in the car, i went white running around the house dressed like that was ok but going outside no way.. i was pushed out the back door and heard it close behind me. my mum pushed me into the car and off we went with me crying like a little girl as my mum pointed out. luckly we went to the next village and i was made to sit in the car while mum went into the shop, people walked passed and looked in. i had been crying so my eyes were red and a old lady stopped and said are you ok, i said yes fine thanks hoping she would go away, she then said what a pretty dress for a pretty girl, i thanked her thinking she thinks im a girl. mum came back out and saw the lady talking to me and waited by the shop door till she was done. when she got back in the car and asked if the lady had asked why a boy was wearing a dress, i replyed that she throught i was a girl. oh ok i will have to take you out more then. but that was the end of that, when i got home i was told to put on my clothes and my mum never said anything about it again. dont think it worked out the way she had hoped. I LOVED IT ALL AND WISH I COULD DO IT AGAIN, BUT NOW AT 45 I LOOK NOTHING AT ALL LIKE A GIRL.
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Do u still dress up?

Wish my mum had punished me that way!

It also sounds like you never got caught that way again. Were there any other incidents with your mom?